Moisturiser - if you had a limited budget what would you suggest?

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CaviarAndCigarettes Wed 06-Jan-21 22:23:07

My thirties have crept up on me and I need a decent.. or at least affordable.. moisturiser. My skin is generally dry, can be oily around the T zone during TOTM.
My husband is currently the sole wage earner so although I have some money to myself I'm looking under the £10 mark. Not looking for miracles, just hoping for a decent no frills product that will prevent if not cure!

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hallodarknessmyoldfriend Wed 06-Jan-21 22:28:21

Weleda skin food light

CaviarAndCigarettes Wed 06-Jan-21 22:28:53

I should clarify, I'm talking about a facial moisturiser.

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CaviarAndCigarettes Wed 06-Jan-21 22:30:22

@hallodarknessmyoldfriend gosh my update looked really rude there as I hadn't seen your comment! Apologies!

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CaviarAndCigarettes Wed 06-Jan-21 22:31:15

But thank you for your suggestion, i have never heard of this. Is it a facial moisturiser?

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MyNameForToday1980 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:34:50

I use Avene, it might be £12, it's sometimes in the sale, and often 3 for 2 at Boots.

MuckyPlucky Wed 06-Jan-21 22:35:47

I used to spend a bit on face moisturisers until I discovered Lidl and Aldi’s products. They are genuinely brilliant. They each do a few different ones, depending on how «mature» etc your skin is, and they’re only a couple of quid so I recommend having a play about with different ones from there & I promise you’ll be impressed!


Sundance5 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:37:02

I use Aveeno on my face for years, I have dry skin and it's the best product I have ever tried. It's a decent price too and on offer lots.

Mapletreelane Wed 06-Jan-21 22:37:25

Late 40s, sensitive dry skin with oily T zone here. I've always been strict and fussy about skincare regime. Discovered a few years ago Nivea nourishing night creme for combination skin. Love it and it is £2.00 at Asda! That said, I suspect think key drivers of a glowing complexion are drinking enough water, exercise, fruit and veg and staying out of sun. Good luck trying some suggestions out OP..

barebetty Wed 06-Jan-21 22:37:42

I switched to cruelty free last year so this instantly limits some options.

I’ve been really happy with Superdrug own brand stuff. Either their E45 or vitamin E stuff.

WomenWhoWalk Wed 06-Jan-21 22:39:08

Aldi Caviar. I have dry skin, very sensitive and find this works well. I especially like the night cream

MyNameForToday1980 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:39:59

Ah shoot, it's currently 15.50

When it's in the sale, it's brilliant.

dun1urkin Wed 06-Jan-21 22:47:49

Superdrug vitamin E or Nivea Soft

partyatthepalace Wed 06-Jan-21 22:48:22

I think Superdrug’s b radiant range is v v good. They have a few (b nourished etc) but I think it’s b radiant for 30s skin. So go be 🌟

Didiusfalco Wed 06-Jan-21 22:50:05

I’ve tried a lot of the bells and whistles stuff and come back to Nivea q10. Often available around the £5 mark.

Joanie34 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:52:06

Nivea. Always go back to it if I'm tempted away. Aldi tempts me away... used Clinique before kids. Would still choose Nivea. Always on offer somewhere 👍

lemon12 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:52:43

I use lidi or Aldi products. They are wonderful and di the job

FunnysInLaJardin Wed 06-Jan-21 22:52:57

I've used Nivea Q10 for years, its great and very reasonable. I used to use all sorts of expensive shit until I couldn't afford to and tbh Nivea is as good as anything else

Cavagirl Wed 06-Jan-21 22:54:19

Another vote for Aldi caviar. Brilliant stuff. There was some investigation done a few years back & it's got the same ingredients as La Prarie (?! This may be hearsay!) True or not it's an absolute bargain for the quality.

howmanyroads Wed 06-Jan-21 22:54:29

Nivea soft

Nat6999 Wed 06-Jan-21 22:58:49

I use the L'oreal Expert Anti wrinkle ones, buy them when Boots have 3 for 2 offers.

287xx Wed 06-Jan-21 22:58:52

Simple water boost gel cream. Inexpensive, really hydrating while helping with oiliness and doesn’t make oily bits any oilier!

CeeceeBloomingdale Wed 06-Jan-21 23:00:25

Aldi! Way better than creams 50 times the price

alltoomuchrightnow Wed 06-Jan-21 23:00:31

The Inkey turmeric , my oily sensitive skin LOVES it, it's around £7.99

forestsmurf Wed 06-Jan-21 23:05:09

Aldi caviar here too its £7 or £8 and great quality. Also mid 30's with similar skin to OP.

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