How can he find a job that isn't rubbish?

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JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 20:33:37

I'm posting here about my partner's job situation as it's really starting to get me down and affect me. He has been stuck in dead-end minimum wage admin jobs for years, not given promotions, and he wants to find something with prospects. This has driven him to attempt suicide recently. Please note that I don't care if he is successful - I just want him to be happy, and he's not.

I feel sick at the thought of it happening again and I know the only way out is for him to find a job that isn't rubbish - but how? Everything needs experience or qualifications. Even admin jobs in other sectors want you to have experience doing admin in that specific sector.

What professions are in demand? What can he train it? What sector/employer has a reputation for promoting from within? How did you get out of a dead end job? Any advice I can get I would be very thankful for because living like this forever, wondering when it will get too much for him, is heartbreaking and I feel unwell every day.

This is turning into a bit of rant - apologies - but it is devastating to see someone like him who can speak 3 languages and write code in even more turned down for even the most basic jobs as he has no experience. Please give me some hope as I am finding it all very hard to deal with.

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thesandwich Wed 06-Jan-21 20:36:17

If he can code is he looking for roles in coding? Is he up to date with skills/ cv/ etc? Plent6 if free on line courses- coursera, futurelearn
Is he on LinkedIn?

JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 20:39:34

@thesandwich He is looking but has only found jobs that require either professional experience or a degree. He is self-taught so has never coded in a professional environment before. His skills/cv etc. are up to date. No Linkedin but he has nobody to link with!

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thesandwich Wed 06-Jan-21 20:48:57

He can create a profile and then follow organisations he is interested in/ companies he might like to work for.
Have a look at what colour is your parachute book and website- brilliant advice about how to go about finding unadvertised jobs.

JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 20:52:47

@thesandwich That's a good idea - I obviously don't use LinkedIn to its full potential myself! Thank you for your advice - I'm feeling really down about it all and it's nice to speak to someone about this, even if it's just online.

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Turnedouttoes Wed 06-Jan-21 20:53:19

100% if I was ever going to retain I would learn to code. There was an AMA on it recently where someone older had retrained and was very quickly earning a good amount, if you can find the thread there may be some good advice on there

Turnedouttoes Wed 06-Jan-21 20:54:19

Here -


strawberry2017 Wed 06-Jan-21 20:56:03

Has he considered applying for an apprenticeship? Yes it's very entry level but can lead to much more. It's also a good way of gaining more experience.
I've known older apprentices, they seem to do well as they already have a mature attitude to work and learning.

thesandwich Wed 06-Jan-21 21:03:34

Ooh the thread @turneouttoes mentions looks really helpful.
Coding is an in demand skill.

thesandwich Wed 06-Jan-21 21:04:15

And 🌺jam

Frestba Wed 06-Jan-21 21:13:54

Would he consider accountancy? The AAT can be done unit by unit online and has really good employment prospects.

JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 21:23:12

@Turnedouttoes Thank you, that's very helpful. Lots of good information on that thread so I will have a proper read of it later.

@strawberry2017 An apprenticeship would be fab in theory, but unfortunately we can't afford for him to work for the usual apprenticeship wage. If an apprenticeship that paid the normal (not apprenticeship) minimum wage cropped up then I'm sure he would be interested.

@Frestba Accountancy is something that would suit him well I think, though he would be reluctant to do the exams without employment as he would expect it to go nowhere due to many past job rejections.

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SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 06-Jan-21 21:26:02


100% if I was ever going to retain I would learn to code. There was an AMA on it recently where someone older had retrained and was very quickly earning a good amount, if you can find the thread there may be some good advice on there

Older? The person was 27. I'm fecked then! hmm

Heyahun Wed 06-Jan-21 21:27:13

Either a course or an apprenticeship for sure! I used to be the office manager at an IT company - the apprentices we had in moved up the chain fairly quickly and have ended up doing quite well

SpongeBobJudgeyPants Wed 06-Jan-21 21:27:28

You realise someone of 27 will probably have to work to at least 70 for a pension, so another 43 yrs of working life!

Hoppinggreen Wed 06-Jan-21 21:30:19

Unfortunately he won’t be given a promotion, he will have to get himself one.
By that I mean is he any good at self promotion? It’s not always the most skilled or qualified person who gets the job, sometimes it’s the person who really goes for it
It’s not a criticism, a lot of people can’t do it but I think everyone can learn

hopeishere Wed 06-Jan-21 21:32:23

How old is he? Does he have any formal qualifications? In his current jobs is he "keen"?

Does it take up every training opportunity he's offered? Apply for internal promotion?

What about outside of work? A good job is only one part of a rounded life.

C152 Wed 06-Jan-21 21:33:31

Is he seeking medical help for his depression?

Has he asked all his (and your) contacts for a lead? Be specific e.g. 'I'm looking for a new job in (insert sector). I'm happy to (e.g. start as a junior and work my way up). Do you know of anyone hiring / could you forward my CV to your HR manager?'

I've had ex-colleagues contact me to ask me the above, and I've asked others for help as well. I've got to admit, it's difficult to admit you need help getting a job, but most people are happy to do what they can to help.

Also, could he join an employment agency that specialises in the area he wants to work in? Temp jobs can sometimes lead to permanent jobs. Also, if the agency hear consistently good feedback about him from temporary employers, they are more likely to consider him for a permanent role.

Are there any industry networks he could join? I know face-to-face networking events aren't happening now, but there are online events, and I've hired someone I met at a networking event.

Good luck to you both. x

EspressoExpresso Wed 06-Jan-21 21:34:53

I got out of my minimum wage job(s) through volunteering, I am now employed by the charity. Happened by chance admittedly but I now earn a reasonable salary (£25k) in a field where it's hard to get in without some sort of degree or similar. I've had a ganders around Indeed and the like and when my contract ends, theres £30-£35k roles that I now (having done further training within my role, experience etc.) tick all the boxes for in terms of application requirements

JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 21:37:00

@Hoppinggreen @hopeishere I think your questions kind of overlap. He is keen. He has taken up training opportunities (including doing work at a higher grade for no extra pay when a senior team member left), then applied for the position formally, but didn't get it and was told to train up the newbie. He does a lot of overtime and always puts himself forward for extra tasks and generally goes above and beyond. He's 32. In terms of formal qualifications, no, nothing past secondary school.

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JamBagel Wed 06-Jan-21 21:46:04

@C152 He is supposed to be having CBT at some point, but I don't know if he actually thinks he's depressed - I think he thinks his actions were a rational response to a situation that (to him) has no way out. I guess that could be depression talking.

We have hardly any contacts between us but the recruitment agency thing is a good idea, as is the networking. Thanks for your advice and kind words x

@EspressoExpresso Interesting. Do you mind if I ask what sort of volunteering it was? Whenever I see volunteering positions advertised it tends to just be shop work which I thought would be helpful for getting retail work but not much else!

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purpledagger Wed 06-Jan-21 22:15:43

A couple of ways;

Retraining - extra vocational qualifications for his area of choice and applying for jobs based on those qualifications.

Organisation specific - getting in with a good organisation can open the doors to other roles and training opportunities. It may be having to take a temp role or even doing a job that isn't quite right.

LadyCatStark Wed 06-Jan-21 22:19:19

DH would love to train as a train driver. There is an apprenticeship/ training scheme which is better paid than a normal apprenticeship but unfortunately not well enough paid for him to be able to take the pay cut. Once qualified, you can earn £50k a year though.

Turnedouttoes Wed 06-Jan-21 22:23:05

@SpongeBobJudgeyPants sorry I wrote that before I found the thread I was referring to.
I just remembered they had retrained so assumed they were older than 27

PawPawNoodle Wed 06-Jan-21 22:29:12

I ask this kindly but why isn't he getting promoted? What feedback does he get after applying?

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