F*cking Trump - protestors breaching Capitol steps

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CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:25:24

As if the world doesn't have enough to deal with without him inciting that sort of thing.

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BlackForestCake Wed 06-Jan-21 19:26:39

How is it possible for a couple of dozen people to get into the Capitol?

If they were black several of them would have been killed by now.

JulesM73 Wed 06-Jan-21 19:27:58

It is totally crazy, I’m glued to CNN!

Trump is a parasite and he’s whipping this up......... How can anyone honestly think he is suitable to run a bath let alone USA for another 4 years.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:28:51

It's scary, watching it. The people inside must be terrified. There's rumours of pipe bombs and everything...

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HPLikecraft Wed 06-Jan-21 19:29:55

Utterly, utterly stupid thugs. It's horrifying.

Violetparis Wed 06-Jan-21 19:30:58

Have just put CNN on shock

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:32:50

With the COVID chaos and this, it feels like the world has actually gone mad.

You can just imagine Trump sitting watching, going "Good, I'm glad. The people know it's the right thing to do - they know I won."

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JulesM73 Wed 06-Jan-21 19:34:02

And he’s inciting this..... how can he believe that this is anyway right!?

I pray it doesn’t turn violent, but it sounds like it’s getting scary with suspicious packages etc. I feel for anyone legitimately working there, and the police will need to be really careful.

Trump should rot in hell...or a jail cell.

lljkk Wed 06-Jan-21 19:35:44

So far peaceful trespassing, long may it continue so.

I am watching McConnell's speech now...

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:36:18

I wonder if they have the power to arrest him. Right now, I mean.

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MrsSiba Wed 06-Jan-21 19:39:50

When will he stop?

Where are the police?

This feels so scary. How can they not arrest Trump for inciting social unrest/threat to national security?!?

JulesM73 Wed 06-Jan-21 19:43:02

I know, you would think they should be able to arrest him.

Lampzade Wed 06-Jan-21 19:45:51

I am sure that if this had been a BLM protest, they would have had the National Guard out
Just when you think that Trump can’t get any worse.. Absolute disgrace
If anyone is killed, Trump will have blood on his hands
He needs to be charged with Treason

Apileofballyhoo Wed 06-Jan-21 19:46:29

Inside they're donning their gas masks. Watching on MSNBC.

EduCated Wed 06-Jan-21 19:48:22

This is scary to watch. We had it on watching the fairly dull stuff, and it all unfolded so quickly. How the fuck did it just happen?

BalladOfBarryAndFreda Wed 06-Jan-21 19:48:47

It is terrifying

ssd Wed 06-Jan-21 19:49:36


lljkk Wed 06-Jan-21 19:51:12

@igorbobic on Twitter seems to have most recent updates...

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:51:46

@lljkk Are you a Trump supporter? Seems like a staggeringly naiive thing to say if you've been following it on TV.

Trump needs putting in a straitjacket now. I hope someone is keeping him well away from "The Button" grin. He's like Dr Evil trying to take us all down with him....

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CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:52:48

sorry, lljjkk that was to your earlier comment about "peaceful trespassing"

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bellinisurge Wed 06-Jan-21 19:54:58

Just speaking to politically savvy cousin in US. Obviously they are just watching it on TV like me. WTF is the consensus. Other speculation too but that's not helpful .

StillGardening Wed 06-Jan-21 19:55:44

I love America. It is so sad watching them implode. Russia is pulling the strings and making it look like self destruction. This is about changing the balance of power. Everyone is so busy focusing on domestic issues that we are not looking at the global stage.

CurlyhairedAssassin Wed 06-Jan-21 19:56:39

Yep, you wonder if we are all going to be waking up tomorrow!

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TheYearOfSmallThings Wed 06-Jan-21 19:58:00

I'm just watching it like shock

pleasefeedthecat Wed 06-Jan-21 19:58:15

It would just be like him to try and nuke Iran as a protest. I think they need to place him under house arrest or something. He's crazy.

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