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Mumofonebaba Wed 06-Jan-21 12:40:45

Hi all

My LO is 9 months old and has started qaking up 3/4am every night for the past couple of weeks. Sometimes she has a wet nappy and when change stops being grumpy and falls sleep in my arms.

She has 3 meals a day and 4 8oz bottles a day and doesn’t seem hungry at all

When i try put her into her cot she starts crying and lifting her back to get out.

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Hellothere19999 Wed 06-Jan-21 12:43:54

My one year old has just started waking at 5.30 and it’s her 7th and 8th teeth popping through that I believe are causing it. Once i give her some more anbesol she goes back to sleep in bed with me. Worth a try! Sometimes I haven’t even noticed a tooth and then it will pop through and I realise that’s why she’s been awkward and I feel pretty bad about it lol.

Mumofonebaba Thu 07-Jan-21 08:59:58

Thanks so much. Anbesol has done the trick🙌🙌

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Hellothere19999 Thu 07-Jan-21 14:17:36

Oh amazing! Glad it helped x

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