Is anyone else struggling to get their Year 13s motivated?

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FleetwoodRaincoat Tue 05-Jan-21 18:58:58

DS 18 is just not getting it. Has done virtually no work this year, and has struggled a lot during lockdown with sleep and maintaining routine.

Is anyone else having these sorts of issues? I'm so worried about him as he's due to go to Uni in September, but I can't see him even managing to make the grade as things stand at the moment.

How are you dealing with your DD/DS? Any suggestion on how to tackle this much appreciated.

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Cherrysoup Tue 05-Jan-21 19:28:55

I feel very sorry for parents of exam year dc in England: isn’t it pointless to motivate them now? I have no idea on what they’re going to base grades given we’ve all probably done one mock only.

Rory786 Tue 05-Jan-21 19:30:26

I sympathise with you OP flowers. I have ds1 in yr13 and Ds2 in yr12 and every so often I need to encourage them to do their work. I also have younger daughters who I need to homeschool. It's very stressful.
Ds1 has not worked to his full potential and therefore did not get any uni offers. He was hoping to do really well in the final exams and apply through clearing. If the school gives him a predicted grade it will be low.
Huge sympathies for you OP, all we can do is encourage, motivate and advise. I definitely cant help with A'level chemistry etc but I have told him I can organise a tutor. He has to put the work in now.....

OooErrThor Tue 05-Jan-21 19:31:17

I have a year 11 and getting him to do anything I'd like trying to turn an oil tanker in treacle!

FleetwoodRaincoat Tue 05-Jan-21 19:38:34

Rory768 so sorry to hear your DS didn't get any offers. My DS was planning to "wing it" I think, then throw it all into revision before the actual exams. That's come to bite him in the arse now, as there won't be any exams. He hasn't put in his application yet but I think his predicted grades will be very low as he's done so little work. Which means he's even less motivated to continue working from now on.

Add to that he's always tired, just mopes around in his room doing computer stuff - I honestly don't know where he's headed.

I think the idea of pulling your socks up and aiming for a Uni place through clearing is the best option but making him see that is going to be nigh on impossible I think.

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vjg13 Tue 05-Jan-21 19:48:27

My year 13 is very down with the new lockdown and online lessons, the uncertainty about how she will be assessed. Was due to have exams next week. Very hard to know what to say to her.

Rory786 Fri 08-Jan-21 21:13:12

Thank you for your kind message @FleetwoodRaincoat
It still is possible for our children to perform. They have around 5 months to work their socks off and prove their potential to their teachers. My ds has mocks next week and seems to be more on it. I'm trying to keep the house as peaceful and serene as can be- not easy with us all piled together!
Good luck to all the students.

@vjg13 Virtual hug to you and your daughter. Difficult times flowers

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