What are your go to recipes?

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Woodlandbelle Tue 05-Jan-21 16:54:06

Mine are Jamie olivers pancakes
One cup flour
One cup milk
One egg

Also 3, 2,1 method flapjacks for packed lunches etc

300g oats
200g marg
100g brown sugar and few tablespoons oh honey

Melt marg add sugar then honey
and oats Bake for 45 mins

These two recipes are so easy to remember and I make them weekly. What are your go to recipes? Sweet or savoury. Or cooking tips. Would love some more

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Sosigsandwich Tue 05-Jan-21 18:52:11

Ginger chicken and sweet potato stew. Chop sweet pots into cm cubes and roast on 200° of 25 mins. Cook the chicken then stir in half a tsp of garlic, 2 of ginger and a small amount of chilli and 2 table spoons of tomato puree. Cook for 2 mins then add 200ml coconut milk, 100ml of water and a chicken stock. When the sauce is thickened add in a bag of spinach a handful at a time until it's all wilted. Then take off the heat and add in teh sweet pots, the juice from half a lime and a glug of soy. Absolutely delicious.

Woodlandbelle Tue 05-Jan-21 22:44:24

Oh thank you. That would go down well here

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EmmaGrundyForPM Tue 05-Jan-21 22:47:37

Go to recipe is easy sticky chicken

Cut up chicken breast into cubes.
Toss in a mixture of olive oil and soy sauce
Place in oven dish in oven for 25 minutes
Tip over a tablespoon of mango chutney (or Apricot jam if that's all you've got)
Cook for a few more minutes
Serve with rice and veg

BackforGood Tue 05-Jan-21 22:52:10

Only standard 'recipe' would be for cake -

4oz butter / marg
4oz sugar
4oz SR flour
2 eggs (or proportionally larger)

but really posting so I can steal other people's ideas

NeverDropYourMoonCup Tue 05-Jan-21 23:01:47

Packet of stewing/braising steak.

A large onion.
Any peppers.
Small tin of tomatoes.
Grated ginger.
Tin of black beans in chilli sauce.
Half tablespoon of Gochugang paste.

Put in slow cooker. Leave to cook.

Serve with rice.

StormyLovesOdd Tue 05-Jan-21 23:02:34

Chicken kebabs

Chicken pieces
2 tbs honey
2 tbs soy sauce
Quarter tsp garlic powder

Marinade fir at least 3 hours, thread onto skewers with onion and red peppers and cook in a griddle pan or on a bbq in the summer.

Lovely with salad and pitta bread


tigerbear Tue 05-Jan-21 23:05:41

Cauliflower rice and prawns:

Chop cauliflower into tiny pieces (or get ready made cauliflower rice)
Add onion, garlic, ginger, curry powder, chopped peppers, curry powder, tin of coconut milk, and bag of frozen prawns and bag of spinach.
Very good easy curry, and great if low carbing.

grassisjeweled Wed 06-Jan-21 01:42:54

2 tablespoons pesto
3 tablespoons breadcrumbs
2 tablespoons parmesan

Mix together. Use to top white fish or chicken, then bake in the oven. Nice on King prawns too. Or sautée some mushrooms, then sprinkle on and grill for 5 mins.

Itsamess8456 Wed 06-Jan-21 03:51:53

Sweet potato and coconut soup:

1 sweet potato
4 carrots
1 red pepper
1 onion
1 garlic
1 cup of dried red lentils
Simmer away in stock until mushy.
Add tin coconut milk and teaspoon dried coriander.

Puree. It's the nicest soup in the world.

Itsamess8456 Wed 06-Jan-21 03:52:38

* 1 garlic CLOVE

WhatAreWordsWorth Wed 06-Jan-21 09:16:58

Fry floured, diced beef in a casserole dish. Add 1-2 cloves of garlic, half a bottle of Guinness/ale and 350ml beef stock. Bring to a simmer then put it in the oven at 150 for 3 hours. Take out every hour to stir through/top up with water.

For the final 5-10 mins, add some chopped peppers and courgette.

It’s a kitchen sanctuary recipe (summer beef casserole) and it is delicious and so easy.

Woodlandbelle Thu 07-Jan-21 13:12:19

Thank you for the summer beef recipe. That is the type of meal I would regularly cook

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GoOnTwo Thu 07-Jan-21 13:29:05

Similar to Summer beef I make a stewed steak for a pie. F
Coat braiding steak in flour and a couple of crushed Oxo cubes . Brown in batches, deglaze pans, cover with just enough water and simmer for hours (or put in oven and check or top up.) No onions or spices other than s&p. Just time.

Margaritawithlime Thu 07-Jan-21 14:49:23

@Woodlandbelle my kids have your flapjack recipe in the oven as I type. Thanks for an afternoon activity grin

Woodlandbelle Thu 07-Jan-21 15:06:43

You are most welcome. They are great arent they

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Bearlyclearly Thu 07-Jan-21 15:28:51

Cook 200g rice
Fry off beef mince, chopped bacon and onion
Add chopped carrot, peppers and mushrooms, 200ml beef stock, worstershire sauce, Cajun seasonings
Cook for 15/20 minutes
Stir in rice

Comes from Pinch of Nom blog, love it and make it regularly

Sosigsandwich Thu 07-Jan-21 18:33:03

@Bearlyclearly I used to make that all the time but forgot about it! Definitely making that this week, thank you for reminding me!

Bearlyclearly Thu 07-Jan-21 19:53:09

@Sosigsandwich glad to be of help!

BackforGood Thu 07-Jan-21 22:13:10

Some great ideas here.
People have actually stuck with what is asked, and given 'go to' or simple recipes with things you would be likely to 'have in'.

Thank you smile

smallandimperfectlyformed Thu 07-Jan-21 22:33:10

Mine is a Slimming World recipe which I love: 1 red onion, 1 pepper, 1 tin of tomatoes, 1 tin of baked beans, 2 tins of kidney beans in chilli sauce, 1 tin of mixed beans in chilli sauce, 1 tablespoon of cajun seasoning and 1 teaspoon each of sweet smoked paprika and cumin and about 200 mls of stock. Basically fry the onion and pepper for 5 minutes first then add the tins, spices and stock and cook for 20 minutes. Really easy, filling and tasty (also vegan). I may have got the spice and stock measurements mixed up a bit but not by much!

formerbabe Thu 07-Jan-21 22:35:44


Only standard 'recipe' would be for cake -

4oz butter / marg
4oz sugar
4oz SR flour
2 eggs (or proportionally larger)

--but really posting so I can steal other people's ideas--

Yep I do this...very easy to scale up and add flavours. Can turn into lemon, chocolate, coffee cake or whatever you fancy

hollyangel Thu 07-Jan-21 22:45:16

Tandoori Chicken

Pack of free-range chicken thighs, skin on.Pierce them all over with a knife.

Marinade in about a half tub of yoghurt mixed with a few dollops of Patak's Tandoor Paste. Add squeeze of lemon juice and leave it for a few hours or overnight.

With the other half of the tub of yoghurt, mix with about half a cucumber, peeled and grated. Squeeze the cucumber first so it's not too wet.
Then add in a teaspoon of Mint sauce from a jar and maybe a squeeze of lemon juice if you have it.

Bake the tandoori thighs on a rack in the oven for 45 minutes to an hour. Bake on a rack so that the skins get nice and crispy. Lovely with rice, the raita and a salad.

ouchmyfeet Fri 08-Jan-21 07:14:56

That Cajun beef mince sounds lovely. My go to is chicken and rice:

Fry an onion and a clove or two of garlic until softened
Add chicken breasts, fry to seal them add stock (as much as you like, I'd say about 3 quarters of a pint for 4 chicken breasts).
Summer for 20-30 minutes until chicken is cooked.
You can thicken the sauce at that point with cornflour if needed but it's often thickened on its own (I never understood how!)
Chuck in some green veg for the last few minutes, I like broccoli with it, or peas.
Serve on rice

It's plain but a family favourite. I put chorizo in with the onion if I have any, that's also lovely.

ouchmyfeet Fri 08-Jan-21 07:17:25

Mince and potatoes also a standard tea here. Basically a deconstructed shepherds pie but just feels like a lot less hassle somehow:

Fry off an onion, add mince (beef or lamb).
When browned add chopped carrots and stock with whatever else you like for flavour (Lea and Perrins, herbs, ketchup?). Simmer until cooked, add peas towards the end. Serve with mash or boiled potatoes.

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