You have £3k to spend on yourself

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Janesandian Fri 01-Jan-21 17:08:42

What do you buy?

The rules are simple: it cannot benefit anyone but you. So if you wanted to go on holiday, that’s fine, but anyone else would have to pay their part completely. You cannot buy anything for anyone else including children and you cannot pay off debt.

So in this dreamland, what are you buying?

I was thinking a VCA necklace but even in this fake world, I can’t imagine spending so much on one thing!

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sweetkitty Fri 01-Jan-21 17:09:34

I’d have a nose job

Snog Fri 01-Jan-21 17:09:47

2 pedigree ragdoll kittens

Sunbird24 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:11:17

I’d have a week on my own at a beautiful small beach hotel (Caribbean/Maldives/Seychelles/Mauritius) with a pile of books. All inclusive obviously.

MinervaSaidThar Fri 01-Jan-21 17:11:17

A new TV

LadyMonicaBaddingham Fri 01-Jan-21 17:11:56

A wonderful pair of bespoke shoes. I'm a size 9 and have never worn shoes I truly love, always those I've settled for because they aren't too ugly or uncomfortable.

bumpdownthestairs Fri 01-Jan-21 17:12:29

I'd start with a really good quality and expensive winter coat to see me through a good few years. Then a total wardrobe revamp, buying better quality pieces than I usually do, a nice designer handbag and matching purse then probably some expensive make up. Think I might have gone over 3k there 😂 i can dream!


Dreahil1 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:13:19

A Dior handbag in black.

SilverOtter Fri 01-Jan-21 17:13:55

Holiday on my own, trail riding through a wild area of Canada.

dane8 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:14:59

Laser eye surgery

Megan2018 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:15:15

A Welsh cob filly grin

partyatthepalace Fri 01-Jan-21 17:15:57

Eyes lasered

DuzzyFuck Fri 01-Jan-21 17:17:30

I'd go somewhere amazing for a couple of weeks on my own. Well I'd invite DP if he wants to pay his own way.

Otherwise I'd blow it all in Mulberry. A small Alexa, a Bayswater and a Lily should cover it.

Janesandian Fri 01-Jan-21 17:19:11

@Sunbird24 oh imagine the bliss with a pina colada!

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MrsMiaWallis Fri 01-Jan-21 17:20:12

Ooh. Probably some new clothes and shoes. And I'm starting to have dreams about travelling as I'm so bored, so a lovely trip somewhere like Sweden,.post covid

IceDiscoSkater Fri 01-Jan-21 17:20:25

Oooh I’d get my teeth sorted , whitened and crowns repaired / fillings all changed to white

Hair done properly in a salon - I’ve been balayaging it myself for years but would love a professional polished look.

New wardrobe like quality coat , real leather boots etc. proper insulated winter jacket etc

I’ve got 1k credit card debt so I’d pay that off too
3 K would be a lovely little luxury.

PointyDragonPokingThing Fri 01-Jan-21 17:21:29

New phone
New computer
Art materials

MrsMiaWallis Fri 01-Jan-21 17:22:05

Oh yes TEETH

Mine are ok but I wouldn't mind a bit of straightening

AppleKatie Fri 01-Jan-21 17:22:09

Two weeks alone in the Caribbean.


DontWalkPastTheCastle Fri 01-Jan-21 17:22:22

Tummy tuck.

NeonSparkle Fri 01-Jan-21 17:24:59

Driving lessons (automatic) and a very cheap runaround automatic car

sn0wdr0p4 Fri 01-Jan-21 17:25:28

Cruise the fjords, on my own in balcony cabin.

SonjaMorgan Fri 01-Jan-21 17:26:13

Botox and dental work.

catwithflowers Fri 01-Jan-21 17:26:46

Another golden retriever 💕🐾.

Stretchandsnap Fri 01-Jan-21 17:27:16

I recently was lucky enough to be given some money - I spent it on laser eye surgery - life changing

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