What makes you un-mumsnetty?

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GlummyMcGlummerson Fri 01-Jan-21 13:47:45

For me

- I park in parent and child spaces when I have my kids with me. I don't make my life harder by parking in a tiny normal space just in case that childless bloke in the Porsche 911 who runs into Asda like Linford Christie might have a better reason for it than me

- if I have a bad experience I complain. If I find my £40 steak swimming in fat with a pube in it, I don't refrain from saying anything just in case the chef has had a bad day.

- I go to the supermarket during the pandemic, I don't leave shaking and sobbing and riddled with guilt over it because I bought a Galaxy. I even take my kids with me.

- I don't "seethe" if, when the secret Santa budget is £5, I get a Bayliss and Harding gift set. I accept that £5 means limited options and I say thanks, move on and don't take it as a personal alight for years to come. I don't have the hump becauSe they didn't personally whittle a keyring from wood in the oak tree that tenderly grows in their back garden

What makes you unmumsnetty?

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Sparklingbrook Fri 01-Jan-21 13:49:50

Ooh you are brave!

Frazzlefrazle Fri 01-Jan-21 13:51:38

I don't wash my legs in the shower.

GlummyMcGlummerson Fri 01-Jan-21 13:52:31

@Frazzlefrazle we're supposed to wash our legs in the shower?! confused but the soap and water travels down to them anyway!

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Ninkanink Fri 01-Jan-21 13:54:36

The usual...

I have a toilet brush.

Youngatheart00 Fri 01-Jan-21 13:54:52

I’ve never used zoflora!

wizzywig Fri 01-Jan-21 13:54:54

I don't care about private Vs grammar Vs state state schools. I believe kids need to stop being so mollycoddled and actually have a feisty dynamic personality and not just rely on getting A grades. And I don't mind Thornton's chocs nor Bayliss and Harding.


Cheesypea Fri 01-Jan-21 13:55:49

Back in the olden days I used to like it when people popped over unannounced. I quite like it when people call me on the phone after 9pm. I don't buy all my clothes on e-bay.

devildeepbluesea Fri 01-Jan-21 13:57:00

I also park in parent and child spaces.

I also have no qualms about going shopping, and I just don't understand why anyone would have their shopping delivered, and therefore chosen by someone else.

I drink more than a thimbleful of shandy, and more often than just on February 29th

I'm not interested in people breaking covid rules, and wouldn't dream of reporting anyone.

I spend too much on my daughter at Christmas.

devildeepbluesea Fri 01-Jan-21 13:57:35


Back in the olden days I used to like it when people popped over unannounced. I quite like it when people call me on the phone after 9pm. I don't buy all my clothes on e-bay.

Ooh yes that one too. I'm not hiding in terror every time my doorbell goes.

SilverBirchWithout Fri 01-Jan-21 13:57:46

I don’t post a brief sentence on a vulnerable person’s thread just to watch the ensuing drama.

Bunchup Fri 01-Jan-21 13:57:51

Not a mum.

GlummyMcGlummerson Fri 01-Jan-21 13:58:28

I also really love lavish weddings, I don't think the best weddings are the ones where the bride and groom spent 50p and the meal is sandwiches on a park bench. I like weddings where I get a 3 course meal worth £100 and a free bar

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pastabest Fri 01-Jan-21 14:01:04

I leave my kids in the car while I nip into the petrol station or corner shop.

The children eat crisps and ham sandwiches most days for dinner.

wherewildthingsare Fri 01-Jan-21 14:01:44

My answer to everything relationship wise is not 'dump the bastard'

Sheleg Fri 01-Jan-21 14:02:20

Both DH and I are covered in tattoos.

CrochetToTheMoon Fri 01-Jan-21 14:03:12

I have a toilet brush

At home we have dinner and tea

I had a baby shower

We wear matching family pyjamas

I use my towels a few times before watching and we share towels

I change the sheets when I remember

I’m sure there are many...MANY more grin

wherewildthingsare Fri 01-Jan-21 14:03:41

Also I wouldn't dream of putting my issues in the AIBU thread for the whole world to be entertained .

CremeEggThief Fri 01-Jan-21 14:03:56

I have a huge bee in my bonnet about children being mollycoddled and not given independence or allowed to be bored, and the consequences that lead to young adults being infantalised and how bad a thing it is for our society. I fully support charging your working adult children for board just on principle for example.

I don't drive or cycle.

I am a vegetarian.

I love lazing in bed. Or lying around doing nothing.

Grits Fri 01-Jan-21 14:04:15

I'm working class.

Pebbledashery Fri 01-Jan-21 14:04:30

I'm grateful for gifts... Even the rubbish ones! And wouldn't dare post in AIBU about them.

Candlesticking Fri 01-Jan-21 14:05:36

I think it’s the friendship stuff presented on here that feels most alien to me. I don’t think I’ve ever had a major falling-out with a friend of the kind regularly detailed on here. I’ve never lent a friend money, or not since my teens. I’ve never had some big issue about a wedding, being/not being a bridesmaid, attending a hen do. I’ve gone on holiday with friends with all our children, and it’s been unproblematic fun.

If I don’t hear from a friend for a while and they aren’t responding to messages, I assume they need some time and don’t throw a strop about ‘being ghosted’ — am happy to hear from them when they feel like getting back in touch.

No one ‘owes’ me friendship — when I lived somewhere I made few friends and where the baby groups and later the school run were unfriendly, I recognised I was just a poor fit for the kind of people to be found locally, and they for me, and made friends at work, rather than shrieking about cliques and PTA alpha mummies. (Then I moved.)

I don’t view friendship as a service quid pro quo — if I’ve chosen to help or support someone, within my abilities, that’s my choice. I don’t expect some kind of equivalent back, or regard it as outrageous that someone I helped does not always include me in invitations.

GreenWheat Fri 01-Jan-21 14:05:57

I think it's fine to leave a 9 year old home alone for half an hour.

Candlesticking Fri 01-Jan-21 14:06:38


Both DH and I are covered in tattoos.

I misread that as ‘The baby and I are covered in tattoos’, which I did think was quite niche. grin

Tillsforthrills Fri 01-Jan-21 14:06:46

I don’t pick apart any persons post, itching to catch them out just because.

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