Whats your favourite Xmas comedy episode?

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EachandEveryone Wed 23-Dec-20 23:10:01

Im just looking to download afew for tomorrow night. Ive got30 Rock and Frasier so far.

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cariadlet Wed 23-Dec-20 23:18:00

I don't think anything beats The Good Life Christmas episode.

EachandEveryone Wed 23-Dec-20 23:24:23

Oh I wonder if I can find it?

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Feelingpoorlysick Wed 23-Dec-20 23:26:13

You should be able to find the good life Christmas ep on catch up. It was shown yesterday.

Royle family Christmas specials are also my faves.

CoodleMoodle Wed 23-Dec-20 23:31:05

Vicar of Dibley - both The Chrsitmas Lunch Incident and Winter. I always try to watch both on Christmas Eve.

Viviennemary Wed 23-Dec-20 23:32:47

I like the two Porridge Christmas specials. Thry might be on download.

EachandEveryone Wed 23-Dec-20 23:35:44

The Royle Family specials are so bloody emotional i dont think i can face them

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WhatTheFoot Wed 23-Dec-20 23:37:52

My favourite is the first Gavin and Stacey one, from 2008 I think?
Also love The Royle Family ones but can't watch The Queen of Sheba, it reminds me so much of my Gran it breaks my heart.

ethelredonagoodday Wed 23-Dec-20 23:39:26

Blackadder's Christmas aril is my absolute fave...

ethelredonagoodday Wed 23-Dec-20 23:40:24


Blackadder's Christmas aril is my absolute fave...


OhWhyNot Wed 23-Dec-20 23:42:44

Only Fools and Horses the Batman and Robin episode

YouBoggleMyMind Wed 23-Dec-20 23:46:22

The Good Life Christmas ep is brilliant.
I do enjoy the original Gavin & Stacey Christmas special too.
Vicar of Dibley Christmas Dinner incident and when Alice has her baby, I think its called Winter.

Northernexile Wed 23-Dec-20 23:50:07

Father Ted! And the Royle Family too.

sherrystrull Wed 23-Dec-20 23:51:09

I love the Christmas episode of Bottom.
Also the Holiday Armadillo episode of friends

Quaagars Thu 24-Dec-20 00:01:34

- Father Ted Christmas special where they get lost in Ireland's biggest lingerie department grin

- All the Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials (Dates and Jolly Boys Outing are the best)

Vicar of Dibley episode where Geraldine takes on three Christmas dinners as she's too polite to hurt anyone's feelings lol

Mixitupalot Thu 24-Dec-20 00:08:58

Ah just came on to say Father Ted, me &. DH have just watched it. Very funny episode

notafanoftheman Thu 24-Dec-20 07:32:56

The Office.

cretelover Thu 24-Dec-20 07:40:48

It's got to be Father Ted

SausageRoll2020 Thu 24-Dec-20 07:41:44

Some brilliant classics mentioned above.

I'd also add the Christmas special of Upstart Crow that was on earlier this week (BBC so will be on iPlayer). It had us giggling all the way through and so well done with just two in the cast.

Zhx3 Thu 24-Dec-20 07:42:55


Vicar of Dibley - both The Chrsitmas Lunch Incident and Winter. I always try to watch both on Christmas Eve.

This - I love the scene where Geraldine
is trying to eat the sprouts to win against David!

NorbertMeubles Thu 24-Dec-20 08:21:17

Father Ted, watched it last night. Absolutely brilliant.

FindHungrySamurai Thu 24-Dec-20 08:24:33

The Good Life is the most Christmassy. Father Ted is the funniest but doesn’t make me feel Christmassy.

Just watched the new Christmas episode of Ghosts, which was lovely.

70isaLimitNotaTarget Thu 24-Dec-20 08:30:40

dinnerladies when they discover it's Bren's birthday

evilharpy Thu 24-Dec-20 08:41:10

Nothing beats Father Ted.

Also love Knowing Me, Knowing Yule with Alan Partridge.

CosyAcorn Thu 24-Dec-20 08:42:31

Dinnerladies is wonderful!

The American Office when Michael hijacks Secret Santa always makes me giggle

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