You are the Christmas Day TV Scheduler . . . What would you put in?

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BalloonSlayer Wed 23-Dec-20 21:17:23

Absolute shite on telly this Christmas.

Given that we are all supposed to be stuck in the house, I would appreciate something decent to watch like in "the old days."

What would you put on? Must allow room for the Queen at 3pm.

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FreeFallingFree Wed 23-Dec-20 21:23:37

dinnerladies the Victoria Wood series.

Actually, I'd just have 24 hrs of Victoria Wood. Certainly wouldn't be stopping for the Queen fgrin

NibblyBitsWithChocolate Wed 23-Dec-20 21:25:34

It's Urbi et Orbi in this house fgrin

Songs of Praise's Christmas edition.

I'd have one of those lovely Julia Donaldson animations (other authors available) and the Nutcracker.

You have to have a period piece at Christmas- I would make that law.

Howmanysleepsnow Wed 23-Dec-20 22:10:20

The good life Christmas special
Watership Down
The Snowman
Vicar of Dibley Christmas special
A Christmas carol
Miracle on 34th street
The gruffalo.
It’s a wonderful life

Allmyfavouritepeople Wed 23-Dec-20 23:01:59

Came on to say Victoria Wood and already beaten to it.
That Eric and Ernie animation that was on about 4 years ago.
Die Hard
Vicar of Dibley
A new Agatha Christie or ghost story type drama.

MarieVanGoethem Wed 23-Dec-20 23:03:04

The Box of Delights - might need to be spread out over Christmas Eve & Christmas Day as there’s a lot of it. (But it’s glorious & now I’m sad I can’t watch it right now...)
• Similarly, The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, both the BBC serial & the film version.
• Full version of the Muppets’ adaptation of A Christmas Carol.
• The Royal Ballet’s The Nutcracker^; NYCB’s ^The Nutcracker^; frankly ALL the Nuts for comparison purposes as long as they don’t have yellowface; Birmingham Royal Ballet’s Petrushka; the Royal’s ^Les Patineurs^; Scottish Ballet’s ^Snow Queen...
• Raymond Briggs animations - his Father Christmas stories as well as The Snowman.
Jonathan Creek - a nice festive murder...
• If this imaginary job has also permitted some commissioning new stuff - more of the BBC Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch fgrin

TheChosenTwo Thu 24-Dec-20 00:48:24

No idea, we never watch tv on Christmas Day grin
There always looks like there’s going to be utter tripe on anyway, plus absolutely everything will be repeated for days, weeks and probably years to come!
Anything I might be tempted to watch on telly (not on Christmas Day but in general) wouldn’t be appropriate for the dc anyway!! I don’t watch much as you might be able to tell...


grassisjeweled Thu 24-Dec-20 00:53:44

Fawlty Towers.
Del Boy
'Pine Barrens' episode of the Sopranos
Home Alone
The Snowman
Some sort of wholesome Christmas cookery show
Some sort of Victoriana Christmas festival hour long special
Thelma and Louise for evening time
Carol's from Kings if they're actually live? Around 11pm?

MarieVanGoethem Thu 24-Dec-20 01:32:32

@grassisjeweled - this year Carols From King’s is a live radio broadcast at 1500 & then what they film will be shown on BBC2 at 1730...
It’s always an afternoon service - earlier evening than Sunday evensong is at King’s - would you be thinking of a Midnight Mass broadcast?

MarieVanGoethem Thu 24-Dec-20 01:36:31

(That should be “earlier EVEN than”, though it’s technically earlier in the evening. Well, afternoon - Sunday evensong at King’s is 1530. And I know last year was the first year without Stephen Cleobury conducting, but it still feels very wrong. )

BalloonSlayer Thu 24-Dec-20 07:28:50

Wow what a lot of good ideas.

@TheChosenTwo I wish I was like you but, tradition and all, o grew up when Christmas meant Telly. Only three channels and you had to buy the Radio Times AND the TV times as neither contained the others' programmes. Much pleasure would be had from deciding which "side" you were watching when, and at what time you would "turn over" for optimum enjoyment. The resulting arguments and negotiations: "well you will just have to miss the first five minutes of Morecambe and Wise because we're not missing the last five minutes of James Bond" "Well can we turn over as soon as the end credits start?" and so on, would have trained Boris well for Brexit negotiations. But growing up he must have had two tellies. . .

Nice to see that everyone has given this a lot of thought.

I agree they should commission new series of great shows to start their new run on Christmas Day.

I remember when the Only Fools and Horses new episodes were the highlight. Nothing like that this year, although I did enjoy Ghosts last night.

What should the family film be? BBC have got Coco but that's a Halloween film fergodsake!

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nosswith Thu 24-Dec-20 07:31:25

Victoria Wood would be on BBC1 and no Mrs Browns Boys.

madroid Thu 24-Dec-20 07:48:58

OMG every one of these suggestions makes me feel utterly depressed.

Something NEW that we haven't seen before (definitely not 50 years before)

A start of a new drama would be my choice.

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