These new strains of covid are freaking me out

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Doublebubblebubble Wed 23-Dec-20 20:52:50


So perhaps ive been spending too much time on twitter but these new variants are freaking me out.

The original strain, as bad as it is, seems/seemed tameable. Hands, face, space etc.

These new varients, especially the SA one is terrifying. Its affecting younger people and its spreading more quickly. Hell no.

My mum has sinus cancer and is doing radiotherapy right now in tier4 hospital. Im in tier 4, but where she lives is going from 2-4 on boxing day.

I feel like a juggler on a unicycle whos starting to my balance.

Im trying to breathe through. I have a constant indigestion type feeling in my chest.

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Doublebubblebubble Wed 23-Dec-20 20:53:30

Im normally the annoyingly chirpy, glass-half-full type person.

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toptreeroots1 Wed 23-Dec-20 20:55:58

Viruses mutate all the time . Flu etc.
There is no evidence that these mutations are causing more severe illness.
It was to be expected this would mutate. This uk mutation was spotted in Sept.
Viruses usually mutate to be less deadly as well smile

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