2 things: 1-is there any point complaining to OFCOM, and 2-is there ANY way of phoning police anonymously?

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TinaTurnercorner Wed 23-Dec-20 19:11:31

ok , point 2 1st- NDN is BLATANTLY breaking Tier 4 rule and having his mates round , no social distancing, no masks, possible drug dealing, (which police never take seriously anyway!)(right outside MY house, so I can see them)every night, theyre there more than half an hour, and as always, I'm the ONLY person in my street whose NOT deaf or blind!

But, Ive had to phone police a couple of times before about stuff going on in road, I'm sooooo not a ''nosy neighbour'' or tell tale, but we are in Tier 4 for a REASON, the reason being these c""***$nts who couldn't give a shit about anyone else, especially NHS staff!

Anyway, ive tried to phone anonymously, but the police call me back! I don't give my name/address or anything, I don't want any retaliation, me and the DCs are alone here and vulnerable (no other half), but I don't WANT them to call me back, just do a seemingly casual drive around and happen to, catch them.

so any suggestions? I know, I could ignore, but my SIL is a nurse and run off her feet, its not fair of these people ignoring the rules and putting others in danger.

point 1- I thought there was a watershed???? happened to catch Jeremy Vine in my tea break (I work from home) and they were shoeing an ad for a 18 rated games console called Cyberpunk or something like that? and during the day a lot of channels show 18 rated violent games and film clips.
But OFCOM never seem to actually DO anything about viewer complaints, so any point?

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TinaTurnercorner Wed 23-Dec-20 19:27:32

ok, got to leave MN for a while, BBL if Ican.

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TinaTurnercorner Thu 24-Dec-20 17:52:58

Helloooooo! Anyone out there??????

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