How to extract teen from PS during covid christmas?

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Saltn Wed 23-Dec-20 17:32:40

2 teens spend 99% of their time on devices and PS at the moment. confused. Like most people, we wont be doing the big family christmas this year so it will be the 4 of us. Work finishes at midday tomorrow for 10 days.fwink But,how to we coax the teens (13 and 15) off their devices for the next few days ?

I am thinking of a biscuit making session and hot choc tomorrow afternoon.

A film tomorrow night , any suggestions as this always ends in an argument whenever we try and agree? hmm

Board games and walk for Christmas day?

I had hoped this year would be a grown up dinner out on Christmas Eve and film at the cinema on Boxingday, but no such luck now.

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Ohalrightthen Wed 23-Dec-20 17:34:25

Why dont all 4 of you have a complete gadget ban for the day?

Saltn Wed 23-Dec-20 17:35:47

Yes, but I am asking for ideas on what to do instead?

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Saltn Wed 23-Dec-20 17:36:11

Mocktails competition is another one

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MariaTia Wed 23-Dec-20 17:45:27

Have you considered joining in with them instead and having a family gaming tournament?
Film wise do you want Christmas ones or just general recommendations?

Ohalrightthen Wed 23-Dec-20 17:45:56

Do there need to be activities? Could you not just spend some time together? I think the whole "no PS4 we're going to do Family Bonding Activities" thing is likely to get their backs up - it certainly would have done mine as a teen. How about just getting them to help with the Christmas prep, listen to music with you, watch films etc, make it really low stakes.

Saltn Wed 23-Dec-20 17:49:22

@Ohalrightthen yes, I was thinking of mostly just spending time together. But I need some ideas of what to do as otherwise they will sneak up to their rooms or roll their eyes at us. This age is exhausting!

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Preparedtobetoldimwrong Wed 23-Dec-20 17:49:49

Why does it have to be a total all day ban? While I’m cooking the lunch my husband will do the table and call his mum etc so apart from wishing Nanny a Happy Christmas my 12 year old will be allowed to be on the PS4. Santa will have bought new games - seems mean to stop him playing them.

ineedaholidaynow Wed 23-Dec-20 17:52:26

We have a games console in the lounge so at least DS will be in the same room as us grin.

poachedeggsandmushrooms Wed 23-Dec-20 17:54:03

I can get mine to play a board game as long as its an acceptable one (Splendor, Carcasonne, Monopoly) or card games. Also a walk or bike ride if suitably interesting. Younger one will bake with me sometimes.
How about get them to take charge of one course for lunch. Make/serve up starters or pudding.

HopeAndDriftWood Wed 23-Dec-20 17:57:22

Would it not make more sense to identify a few things that you would like to do with them - whether that’s a walk or mocktails or scrabble or whatever - and schedule that in as no gadgets time?

That feels like it’d be more successful then trying to find things to do to keep them away from what they want to be doing.

PoptartPoptart Wed 23-Dec-20 18:01:49

We try to have a few hours family time each day - usually dinner then a board game or a film. But apart from that I just let them do what they want. They are too old for organised fun activities like baking or crafting.

FairyontopofthetreeBatman Wed 23-Dec-20 18:04:56

I would let them choose a film each and each choose and make snacks for their film.

Let them have some gaming time whilst you are preparing lunch and have some adult time and they won’t feel hard done by.

Stompythedinosaur Wed 23-Dec-20 18:34:08

I think a tech ban when they've just got a ps5 is a recipe for misery (yours and theirs).

I've ask for some specific pockets as family time but accept they will be enjoying themself the way they like to at other times.

We play a lot of board games, any chance you could get them to give this a go? Otherwise a walk or a film might work.

Saltn Wed 23-Dec-20 18:39:05

Thank you all. Just clarify it's not a new PS. I told them of my plan and was met with shock. So, I will aim for a few hours of family time instead of the lovely day I have in my head baking and playing games.fgrin It was si much easier when they were young.

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Beamur Wed 23-Dec-20 18:42:28

I think go for a specific window of time and do something you all like.
Are there any games you can all play together?.

Preparedtobetoldimwrong Wed 23-Dec-20 18:51:58

I can’t think of anything worse than baking with my teen. It would end in tears, without a doubt.

ineedaholidaynow Wed 23-Dec-20 19:07:23

Have you got any active board games like Crystal Maze or Taskmaster, which might make them more keen to play?

heyfrog Wed 23-Dec-20 19:11:08

Presumably they are playing with friends on there? I have a DS (13) who has spent most of the past few days on his Xbox, but essentially it's socialising with his friends. I certainly didn't want to be with my parents when I was 13.... I think you do have to bear in mind that this is utterly normal and there aren't really any other ways they can socialise with friends at the moment.

Serenschintte Wed 23-Dec-20 19:12:46

I feel your pain. 13 and 16 here. Younger one has made a gingerbread house. Older one is in process of a chocolate house (Lakeland mould).
Penguins of Madagascar (16yolds idea) went down well.
We have also played a couple of board game.
I’m finding they have to be almost prised off the devices. But once off and occupied they are not too bad.
One friend I know has instituted Am, walk, activities, chores. Lunch. PM they can pretty much do what they want (read gaming) until dinner. That’s my plan whenDH is off work and he can back me up. Otherwise I’m always the mean parent and it gets wearing after a while.
I’d imagine making chocolate ice cream sundaes would also be popular.

00100001 Wed 23-Dec-20 19:19:32

Why not try

Come dine with me, each do a course for a dinner or all bake flavoured biscuits or whatever

Get them to show you their computer games

Do a selfie scavenger hunt. Either during a stomp through the woods/park/beach wherever, or at home over a few days. Have a prize (chocolate!)

Pick a film none of you have seen. A Christmas one of it helps. Find the top 3-5 on IMDb or wherever and watch those. Feel free to have them rank them with score cards, eg music, plot, acting, best bit, funniest moment, and rank them as a family?

Binge watch a series together. Something light and funny maybe. Like Ghosts or Mrs brown's boys on BBC. Or more mature like game of thrones or Vikings. Whatever you think they'll likely watch.

Have a card game tournament, bet with chocolate raisins or something.

Forfeit Jenga. If they lose the have to do something silly, like hop backwards round the coffee table.

Play with food. Have a sausage roll eating competition. Do chubby bunny. Put a chocolate on their forehead and have to eat it without using their hands or arms.

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