TV programmes for 10-12 year old boys - suggestions needed!

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babieslovebooks Wed 23-Dec-20 15:10:53

DSs recently watched the Alex Rider series and really enjoyed it and have kind of stopped watching cartoony stuff and I'm now looking for a bit more grown up stuff like the Alex rider series. Not necessarily spy stuff but anything age appropriate Nothing too rude, too violent though!

Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks.

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EduCated Wed 23-Dec-20 15:29:47

His Dark Materials, the BBC series that has just been on. Has he watched Doctor Who?

LittleRa Wed 23-Dec-20 15:30:36

BBC series Ghosts

TodgerStrunk Wed 23-Dec-20 15:32:09

Goes Wrong Show

Randomrebel Wed 23-Dec-20 15:33:31

Karate kid films.

Back to the Future.


A little bit rude at times but quite funny Grown up’s films 1 and 2 with Adam Sandler.

GinnieHempstock Wed 23-Dec-20 15:35:16

Do you have Disney+?
My 12yo enjoys his dark materials and doctor who, as already mentioned, but his favourite is the mandalorian, a Star Wars spin off.

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