Call the Midwife - who would deliver your baby?

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UrsulaBirken Wed 23-Dec-20 14:02:55

This has probably already been done at some point, but I have been binge watching CtMW over the last few days as its cosiness and keep calm and carry on vibe has been soothing me, and it got me thinking: which midwife would I choose to deliver my baby?

I like both the glamour and no nonsense approach of both Patsy and Trixie so I think perhaps one of those. But then for the daily visits afterwards I think Barbara would be so lovely to talk to and perhaps become friends with afterwards.

Hmmm... what do you all think?

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Christmasbeach Wed 23-Dec-20 14:07:21

Sister Juilienne.

I find her voice calming and She seems pretty trustworthy/professional. I could imagine Trixie judging that I don’t have organic milk or the lasted wallpaper or patsy having a good laugh about it all later.

nomorespaghetti Wed 23-Dec-20 14:08:32

Nurse Crane! I love her. You’d be safe with her!

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 23-Dec-20 14:08:58

Lucille is my current favourite. Very down to Earth.

CharityEscapeGoat Wed 23-Dec-20 14:09:07

I would like Patsy or Chummy, probably.

CatVsChristmasTree Wed 23-Dec-20 14:10:20

Ohhh I miss CTW, can I rewatch it all somewhere?
Nurse Crane is great so her or Sister Julienne as a PP said I like her voice, it's very calming.

Rockbird Wed 23-Dec-20 14:10:37

Sr Julienne and Shelagh would be my dream team.


zigaziga Wed 23-Dec-20 14:11:23

Yeah Chummy!

Not the one who then became a nun. She is the most boring one but also a bit of a drip. I’d want someone to be quite forceful and strong when I needed them.

Aroundtheworldin80moves Wed 23-Dec-20 14:11:42

All f CTM is on iPlayer.

Rockbird Wed 23-Dec-20 14:12:00

@CatVsChristmasTree they're all on iPlayer. Get bingeing!

Mumtoalittlegirl Wed 23-Dec-20 14:15:46

Sister Julienne! And Chummy maybe.

When Shelagh gave birth and she chose sister Julienne, and her baby was back to back- this happened to me but my midwife basically ignored me and let me think I was dying. I know it’s only tv but I remember watching this episode and wishing I had someone to say the things she did and support me like that.

Shayisgreat Wed 23-Dec-20 14:29:31

Nurse Crane or Sister Evangelina definitely. I'd feel safe in their hands but also confident that neither would take any shite from me.

CatVsChristmasTree Wed 23-Dec-20 14:32:10


*@CatVsChristmasTree* they're all on iPlayer. Get bingeing!

All of them? fshock
Oh, that's the rest of the day sorted then. I've already achieved today's goals (clean floors and make mince pies).

Rockbird Wed 23-Dec-20 14:58:55

Yep. New ep on Christmas evening so you've got 2 days to catch up fgrin

Divebar Wed 23-Dec-20 15:03:17

Phyllis or Lucille. Why would you want glamour?

nosswith Wed 23-Dec-20 15:05:42

I'd feel reassured by the character played by Jenny Agutter.

zenasfuck Wed 23-Dec-20 15:08:40

Phyllis. She's the best, no nonsense but kind and caring, she's been there and seen it all. Love her

Sonicthehedgehogg Wed 23-Dec-20 15:11:09

I had a BBA so I would have been the woman in ?s3 in the green dress who gave birth at home alone grin

moglovesmincepies Wed 23-Dec-20 15:15:43

Phyllis. Definitely. She's my favourite even above sister evangelina just

Maireas Wed 23-Dec-20 15:21:33

Phyllis!! No nonsense, very experienced, very kind. Also Lucille, very calm.
Trixie's voice would have been screaming for more drugs fwink

UrsulaBirken Wed 23-Dec-20 15:43:49

Loved reading all of these replies! They'd all be wonderful of course - although I do agree that Sister Mary Cynthia is rather wet and drippy. Although lovely of course.

I won't apologise for appreciating a touch of glamour!

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EggBobbin Wed 23-Dec-20 16:01:56

Lovely Lucille would keep me calm. Not sure I’d fancy Trixie there all cat eye flicks and stockings looking immaculate. They’d be super impressed with my 2020 house though- hot running water all day and if needs be we can call the ambulance from this phone in my pocket...

Clawdy Wed 23-Dec-20 20:04:16

Has to be Nurse Crane. Worst would be Trixie - that pseudo-posh voice would have me screaming!

nicelyneurotic Wed 23-Dec-20 20:09:18

Lucille and nurse Crane. They are all great though!

Igglepigglesgrubbyblanket Wed 23-Dec-20 20:09:27

Shelagh, Lucille or sister Julien. All very calming, although I'd need warning about the nun outfit for sister Julien.

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