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leahmaysimmonds Wed 23-Dec-20 13:52:27

Cmpa or reflux?

Feeding issues:

Arching back, gulping, choking, clicking sounds.

Throws head back.

Spits up milk frequently.

Sometimes will refuse then food, take it then turn head away and arch back and put legs up to chest and spit it out her mouth

Unsettled and irritable after eating

Possible posterior tongue tie

Digestive issues:

Has had diarrhoea consistently. Green bubbly runny foul smelly poo. Before this she had constipation for many weeks.

Gas also smells very bad and she sometimes cries when passing it.

She is very gassy in general.

Continuously putting knees up to chest and turning red holding breath.

When I touch her tummy sometimes she’ll cry and tense up.

Always wriggling sometimes will turn red hold breath and cry

Cries on her back sometimes will scream

Sleeping issues:

Has trouble sleeping, sleeps from 3-8 hours. 8 hours is very rare, only if I’m lucky

Wriggles in sleep putting knees up to chest

Will not sleep on her back so I HAVE to make her sleep on her side otherwise neither of us will get sleep

I hold her up for hours and burp her and when I put her down she’s still very gassy

Sleeps with mouth open


She constantly attracts thrush on her genitals and nappy rash.

Sometimes will have rashes around eyebrows after feeding

Breathing issues:

Sounds very nasally congested all the time

Breathing loud

Sneezing and coughing a lot. Multiple times a day

Makes grunting noises sleeping especially

Will scrunch up her face in pain while doing it

I have tried water, gripe water, infacol, gaviscon comfort milk, anti reflux milk and other colic relief and reflux drops. Feed her at upright angle, do bicycle kicks and massages for her. Nothing works

I just tried neocate with carobel and she was arching her back really badly and screaming so I had to go back to her old milk and she’s not eating now

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Oldraver Wed 23-Dec-20 16:46:23

CMPA often goes along with Reflux, so could be both

Meowmeow2020 Wed 23-Dec-20 17:08:44

Im not a doctor but when my ds was born he had a floppy larynx and sounds like him. Has the hospital ever been involved?

leahmaysimmonds Sun 27-Dec-20 06:06:27

Hospital doesn’t help me. She was sleeping at the time of them checking her and said she looks fine. HV said everything is fine and spoke to me like I was stupid.
Doctors made referral to dietitian but that’ll take 4 months

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Sontagsleere Sun 27-Dec-20 06:12:31

You haven't said age or what milk / feeding she is doing. She has reflux definitely but also CMPI/ A. Get a dairy free milk or try soy formula then treat reflux with meds. You need to be careful at what times you administer meds so as to ensure that they work. Thicker milk will help ( dairy free formula can quite thin).

Hodeho Sun 27-Dec-20 06:33:48

I'm so sorry you and your DD going through this and am annoyed on your behalf, of course they 'look fine' when they're asleep!
I don't think anyone can really understand unless they've been there and gone through it, night after night, day after day - your both suffering and it can feel very lonely and distressing.
Could you show the HV and Dr a video of how she is and photos of the rashes etc
I would keep asking for help and a referral, perhaps try another Dr in the practice?
Wishing you all the best and hope you find an answer and some good help.

PinkPurpleFlowers Sun 27-Dec-20 07:00:58

How is baby fed? If formula change the type, if breast fed, try formula.
I used the anti colic formula that made the milk thicker, this helped a bit.

Is the bed raised at the head end? This helped a lot.
I put towels and a wedge pillow under, it was very sloped

I also put a folded towel behind babies back to ensure he slept on his side, which helped, you need to change sides every sleep, to ensure their head forms properly.

It could be an allergy? Look in a big boots to see if there is a milk alternative baby formula?

I would have tried everything.

This was my fourth child and the only one with a reflux issue, and I still think it was to do with being induced too early, and whatever chemicals I was given.

We had to keep him upright for about an hour and a half after each feed, which helped.
A soft material backed basic bouncer chair helped with this sometimes.

At one point we contemplated having the baby sleep upright in a spare car seat in the cot, to keep him upright, but we never did.
It was a silver cross one, and quite a bit bigger than his maxi cosi, but we must have found the angled bed and towel behind his back worked ok.

You need to see a doctor or midwife again.

Are you giving baby gaviscon as directed ?

It’s very hard work, and baby is obviously distressed.

Lashings of sudocrem for nappy rash, it works.
Apply each nappy change.

Nothing else is very effective, barrier creams, will not ease nappy rash, you need Sudocrem

You need to persevere.

How old is your baby ?

If bottle feeding are you ensuring you are properly sterilising.?
I used a steam steriliser.
Always use freshly boiled water.

If using sterilising fluid/ tablets ( do people use these?) make sure they are rinsed with boiled clean water.

Just some of the things I can think of.

I think the comfort and anti reflux milk helped a little bit for us, it was thicker, so I had to make the test hole in the bottles bigger.

I also bought anti reflux bottles I think to help, make sure you have them angled properly if using, so not too much air is given.

Phone midwife, health visitor, doctor for advice


PinkPurpleFlowers Sun 27-Dec-20 07:05:15

It was a bloody awful time, and most unexpected for us, after our other children.

OnlyFoolsnMothers Sun 27-Dec-20 07:16:30

Go back to your gp and get a referral to paediatrics- I’ve been back 3 times and finally got a referral for reflux. Because my LO won’t sleep on her back ever, only on me and her tummy I’m scarred shirtless something will happen (she slid off me once), once I said that they referred me but for weeks I’ve been fobbed off that because she’s feeding she’s fine and thriving hmm

Tbh from what I’ve read you’ve described symptoms of colic, reflux and a dairy allergy so best to get a professional diagnosis. Gd luck!!!

leahmaysimmonds Wed 30-Dec-20 12:01:37

Hi girls as I said I’ve tried different milks, for cmpa reflux and comfort but none has worked. Tried milk thickeners too, was useless. Went to HV other day and she basically also said she looks fine and told me to stop changing milk so have to stick with sma little steps. She’s made me doubt everything I thought was wrong with my daughter, good news she is sleeping more but still has symptoms above xx

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leahmaysimmonds Wed 30-Dec-20 12:04:04

She still wriggles and puts knees up to chest when sleeping so I pick her up and put her on my tummy for 30m+ burping her when I put her down she’s okay but sometimes will start it again. Whenever I ge appointments they shrug it off as I’m only 20 and first time mum but if it was just reflux and colic why has nothing worked. They told me told use gripe water everyday which I have been for bout a week and no difference.

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