forget the sleigh santa rides an electric scooter

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warmandtoasty2day Wed 23-Dec-20 13:43:47

i've not been drinkingsmile but santa just went passed the kitchen window on an electric scooter, how cool is that ?

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JovialNickname Wed 23-Dec-20 13:55:43

That is super cool, I love it when people make the effort to dress up!

warmandtoasty2day Wed 23-Dec-20 15:19:04

something really fun during all the gloom and doom,we need more of this smile

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Hm2020 Wed 23-Dec-20 15:22:55

I saw him getting out of a car in the next street unfortunately my son was not with me

Somanysocks Wed 23-Dec-20 16:05:26

I keep seeing an elf jogging along the main road. I did a touble take the first time. grin

Somanysocks Wed 23-Dec-20 16:06:11

double take I mean.

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