How much do you spend on homewares?

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cherrypiepie Wed 23-Dec-20 11:25:34

I seem to have spent a fortune on homewares recently - not the fancy stuff to arrange artistically on shelf but mops (a washable one but even so should have been replaced years ago!), broken airer, door mats, pillows mattress protector, under sink storage boxes.

Then there's the non essential towels and bedding, new sofa cushions, blankets and rugs and kitchen wares.

It's so lovely to feel organised and tidy but I'm aware of the cost and the environmental expense to of such disposability.

So how much do you spend on this per month or year. I'm trying to set up a sinking fund for this. Appreciate I won't need all of this all the time.

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BarbaraofSeville Wed 23-Dec-20 11:48:31

Not much and it's a 'how long is a piece of string' question. Wilko/Ikea/Bargain shops and supermarkets or Lakeland/John Lewis etc? I wouldn't have thought you needed to put money aside for this - you just buy things once and the cost of replacement is mostly trivial within a grocery budget. Few quid in the supermarket sort of spend?

But I don't understand what you mean by 'disposability' Surely a lot of these things you buy them and they last virtually forever, and you replace them if they break or become worn out?

Most of our things are decades old. Bedding and towels generally 5-10 years old, maybe a bit older, same for pans, crockery, cutlery, tea towels, plastic tubs. I think we inherited the airer from DM, so it could be 20/30/40 years old or more.

For things we buy new, they usually come from Ikea, supermarkets or Home Bargains etc, although I will admit to spending a whole £5.50 in John Lewis on a couple of ice cube trays because I couldn't find what I wanted in supermarkets.

I suppose if you want to do things like buy decent towels, bedding etc in sales, you might want to put £10-20 per month aside, but I'd just buy most things like this out of normal income without a dedicated 'sinking fund'.

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