Only able to get frozen turkey crown - how do I prep/cook it to render delicious ?

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peridito Wed 23-Dec-20 09:36:42

I foolishly thought shops would be full of bronze free range turkeys but ...not round here this morning they're not .

So a frozen block of unknown origin it is - can you talented lot help me make it as tasty as it's able to be ?

pretty please ?

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SadderThanEeyore Wed 23-Dec-20 09:39:39

Crown is better. No waste! I cover with bacon to roast

ODFOx Wed 23-Dec-20 09:42:11

I do a version of the butter bomb: loosen the skin and push a creamed mixture of butter, cream cheese and chopped fresh sage under the skin. Then cross with a zigzag of streaky bacon.
Basically treat your crown as you normally do the breast of your whole bird.

EverythingsComingUpRoses Wed 23-Dec-20 09:42:17

Defrost now

Butter under the skin

Bacon over the top

Bung it in the oven

Leave to rest



ZeroFuchsGiven Wed 23-Dec-20 09:42:36

What do you usually do? Do that, just defrost it first.

LunaLoveFood Wed 23-Dec-20 09:44:17

Cover in goose fat and bacon, roast according to packaging and rest for at least an hour, 2 is better (left in roasting pan, tipped with run foil and covered with a couple of bath towels).

superram Wed 23-Dec-20 09:44:29

You could nigella brine it. I’d concentrate on defeating it first.


superram Wed 23-Dec-20 09:44:48

Defrosting it-not defeating it.

Twobrews Wed 23-Dec-20 09:45:28

DH panic bought a naff turkey crown on Monday hmm yesterday the shops were filled to the rafters with free range turkeys.

I plan on doing what I usually do, shoving a tonne of herby butter under the skin on Christmas Eve then on the day covering it with streaky bacon. When it's done I rest it upside down for at least an hour and eat the crispy bacon

I've given up trying new ideas as they seem to end in disaster. One year I brined the turkey and it was a faff and rubbish, another year I used a buttered muslin which burned and kept setting smoke alarms off!

Nohomemadecandles Wed 23-Dec-20 09:48:33

@superram I like the idea of defeating it! Kinda how I feel about the bloody things every year!

Defeat the Turkey!

Anyhow, yep. I'd agree with loads of salty butter and herbs.

sclough Wed 23-Dec-20 09:51:02

Phil Vickery This Morning, google how he cooks a turkey. It works the same with Crown too, just reduce the time to Kilo. It's amazing and you get fabulous Gravy too.

amaryllisu Wed 23-Dec-20 09:51:20

Bacon or prosciutto? Bacon seems a bit thick?

I have a similar dilemma here!

GuyFawkesDay Wed 23-Dec-20 09:54:26

Bacon. Prosciutto will probably burn. Bacon helps keep all the moisture in the turkey meat.

Redkatagain Wed 23-Dec-20 09:55:20

I intend to defeat my turkey.

I also intend to defeat the sprouts.

By the end of the roast, I suspect the pudding will defeat me! But.... I will battle back and I will defeat the gin and chocolate. It will be a long and hard fought battle but a fight I shall win😀

sclough Wed 23-Dec-20 09:58:52

peridito Wed 23-Dec-20 10:19:27

Thank you all - lots of butter ,turn upside down ,rest for 2 hours

I shall defeat the turkey!

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amaryllisu Wed 23-Dec-20 10:56:17


Bacon. Prosciutto will probably burn. Bacon helps keep all the moisture in the turkey meat.

Thank you!

veeeeh Wed 23-Dec-20 12:09:33

Rarely get a. Crown, but when we do, we use those oven roasting bags with the usual butter and herbs

Really moist, and the juices are amazing for a last basting, and great gravy.. no mess either.

WorraLiberty Wed 23-Dec-20 12:12:06


Defrosting it-not defeating it.

I had this mental image of the OP and the turkey having a duel 🤣🤣

amaryllisu Thu 24-Dec-20 11:20:27

Oh bugger. So after my post yesterday, I went and bought some bacon to put on my turkey crown.

After reading other turkey threads I’ve realised I’ve bought the wrong bacon. I just got normal rashers but I should have bought streaky!! 🤦🏼‍♀️

I now realise how ridiculous it would look to cover a turkey in normal bacon rashers... off to the supermarket I go again today!!

BernadetteRostankowskiWolowitz Thu 24-Dec-20 11:23:41

I've got a crown too - this butter under the skin regime - do I need to put a slit in the skin and peel it back? Or is there a natural pocket?

MillieVanilla Thu 24-Dec-20 11:27:38

I actually crown my own anyway because I use the wings with the giblets for gravy
Literally just cook it as you would a non-crown, make sure it's properly defrosted though. Put the stuffing in the front where you pull the goblet bag out, cut a lemon in half and whack up the other end. Lots of herb butter over it. Make a foil tent so it can steam.

ineedaholidaynow Thu 24-Dec-20 11:30:53

We use rashers not streaky

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