Festive food shop, what do you buy?

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StormsDontLastForever Wed 23-Dec-20 09:13:02

Just wondering what people buy for their festive food shop? What's on you're Christmas dinner plate? I feel like I have majorly missed stuff this year but can't quite put my finger on it.

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Fivemoreminutes1 Wed 23-Dec-20 10:56:44

It depends what you make yourself from scratch and what you buy pre-made. E.g. I buy stuffing mix, bread sauce mix, frozen Yorkshires, cranberry sauce
The last shop before Christmas is fresh stuff. I stock up gradually on all the packet stuff and frozen stuff.
Milk - enough for custard, bread sauce, and the usual
Cheeses for cheese board
Celery and pate for cheese board
Spuds, parsnips, carrots, sprouts, cabbage
Smoked salmon

Taytocrisps Wed 23-Dec-20 11:06:59

I'm assuming you've already got the boring (but essential) stuff like vegetables, meats, dairy products etc. And trimmings like gravy.

Treat stuff
Lots and lots of cheese
Tayto crisps fsmile

MummaBear4321 Wed 23-Dec-20 11:18:12

Cranberry cheese.
Ice cream.
After eights.
Fox's biscuits.
All the prosecco.

For my dinner we have gone for goose this year.
I make my own sausage meat stuffing.
Pigs in blankets, cheest leeks, all the trimmings.

Xiaoxiong Wed 23-Dec-20 11:24:04

Our treat stuff:
party food bites like mini beef wellingtons
shellfish platter for christmas eve
crab meat to make devilled crab, to put in those little croustade cups and have with cocktails
blini and caviar
crevettes with homemade mayo as a christmas day starter
smoked salmon and trout for christmas morning
frozen croissants for christmas morning
naice pate with peppercorns on top
cheese straws
homemade sausage rolls

Xiaoxiong Wed 23-Dec-20 11:26:03

Oh and on the plate for Christmas dinner is:

Roast potatoes
Rosemary & chestnut sprouts
Brown butter & hazelnut chantenay carrots
Parsnip crisps
Sausage & apricot & cointreau stuffing
Pigs in blankets
Bread sauce
Cranberry sauce

Christmas pudding and ice cream for dessert!

BigIAm Wed 23-Dec-20 11:33:25

I do the usual weekly shop but add some Christmassy items as well. Things like mince pies, nice sweets, crisps etc. I also buy extra cleaning products like bin bags.

I think we're all putting a lot of pressure on ourselves to make this Christmas even more special because of the circumstances. flowersfsmile


Taytocrisps Wed 23-Dec-20 14:59:18

Oh and don't forget misc. things like tin foil and Christmas crackers. And Christmassy napkins.

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