F#+k. Fridge full still need to get Chilled foods.

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ladybird69 Wed 23-Dec-20 00:03:11

Would you keep chilled foods in the garage? Fridge is full! the temperature outside is between 5 and -3. Is that ok or too warm. It’ll be stuff like cooked meats and buffet stuff. Or am I risking food poisoning? Tia

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ZenNudist Wed 23-Dec-20 00:05:11

My veg and all my ambient bread products are the cellar along with all the booze. Eggs on top of fridge (usually in it). I'd deffo use the garage if I were you.

Gooseysgirl Wed 23-Dec-20 00:06:43

Yes definitely use the garage! We're using our electric camping cool box for the overspill.

ladybird69 Wed 23-Dec-20 00:08:53

Oh great thanks. It is bloody freezing in there. Happy Christmas x

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1stMrsFatherChristmas Wed 23-Dec-20 00:13:10

That temp is fine. It's for this reason I hate a warm, wet Christmas! At least if it's cold out you can chill everything. The boot of the car is pretty close to outside temp but safe from scavengers.

PickAChew Wed 23-Dec-20 00:17:03

I have a plastic box of stuff in the garage. Hoping the grapes won't freeze! Expensive stuff is in the fridge.

LittleOverwhelmed Wed 23-Dec-20 00:22:05


Would you keep chilled foods in the garage? Fridge is full! the temperature outside is between 5 and -3. Is that ok or too warm. It’ll be stuff like cooked meats and buffet stuff. Or am I risking food poisoning? Tia

I would be very careful:
- if the temperature rises more than about 4’C...
- also make sure it is sealed in a sturdy container and / or that you garage has no routes in.... we get mice in our garage and had a problem when I left some chocolate in there a few years ago and there was a feeding frenzy.... lesson learnt sad


ladybird69 Wed 23-Dec-20 01:34:12

I have plastic lidded boxes and haven’t seen any mice in the garage. Ooo car boot sounds good too. Next year ill get a couple of cool boxes that’s a good idea.

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AlwaysLatte Wed 23-Dec-20 02:02:02

The turkey and various dishes I've made take up a lot of space so I've got all the drinks except the really chilled stuff in a huge Really Useful box on the patio table just outside the back door as it's almost fridge temperature outside. Gin in the freezer. And a few of the bulky vegetables are in the box outside as well -red cabbage, etc.

DrizzleandDamp Wed 23-Dec-20 02:10:26

How big is your family or how small is your fridge?!

DrizzleandDamp Wed 23-Dec-20 02:11:53

More helpfully - things that can go off if not stored at temp (meat and dairy and processed) in the fridge. Everything else including drinks can be stored safely outside in sturdy plastic.

MaitlandGirl Wed 23-Dec-20 04:31:58

We bought an extra fridge at the beginning of the month (not uncommon here to have a second fridge just for drinks) and we’re still struggling for space.

I’ve got all my veg prep to do later then it’ll go in clipseal bags - that creates loads of extra space.

BarbaraofSeville Wed 23-Dec-20 05:21:11

You need to prioritise. Meat, fish, buffet stuff, milk etc in the fridge, any bagged salad.

Cheese, veg, drinks unless chilled for drinking very soon, pickles and sauces, and probably other things in the garage, they'll be fine until you need them.

Mally2020 Wed 23-Dec-20 05:40:01

Just go to argos or somewhere and get one of those mini/beer fridges only 20-40

ApolloandDaphne Wed 23-Dec-20 08:00:33

I use the garage for fruit and veg. I put is in the cool box so mice don't get to it. Garage is also fine for most drinks.

ApolloandDaphne Wed 23-Dec-20 08:01:08

And we also keep the turkey in the car boot.

Mumdiva99 Wed 23-Dec-20 08:11:04

I wouldn't keep anything that requires being in a fridg2e to be safe i the garage - no meats, no cooked food etc. 4 degrees is not cold enough to keep it safe.

I would put salad, veg, drinks, half open jars of pickles, jams, ketchup etc out there.

Pumpertrumper Wed 23-Dec-20 08:22:36

We have a second fridge freezer in the double garage. Both are at capacity. We have a 6-8 person turkey crown and 20 pigs in blankets coming tomorrow from the butcher.

I’m gonna try and condense the fridges today. Strip out the drinks/vegetables (can be stored in the cold garage in insulated bags) should create enough room.

Had this been a normal Christmas we’d have had no chance. DH is already looking at an American fridge freezer for indoors x

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