Hair dye reaction?

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StormsDontLastForever Wed 23-Dec-20 08:57:59

@freeandfierce thank you I tried the cold compress. Breathing etc is fine. Thank goodness it seems to have settled a bit. Thank you

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freeandfierce Tue 22-Dec-20 23:30:43

Hi, you need to cold compress the area. Any sign of it progressing or your breathing being affected call for medical assistance. Is someone with you? I am a hairdresser and have seen some reactions progress very quickly. Didn't you skin test?

StormsDontLastForever Tue 22-Dec-20 23:27:11

@errorofjudgement thank you so much

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errorofjudgement Tue 22-Dec-20 23:26:43

No advice but hope you’re feeling ok, and bumping for you

StormsDontLastForever Tue 22-Dec-20 23:08:01

Dyed my hair tonight, the nape of my neck is extremely itchy, Also around the hair at my ear. Have taken anti histamine, have few spots at nape of my neck, only small and due to the dye. Sounds daft but will i be ok?

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