What is it in white wine that gives me a headache?

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CompleteBarstool Tue 22-Dec-20 21:26:34

I thought red wine was renowned for giving you a headache but these days it seems to be white wine for me.

A friend of mine has always said that Chardonnay gives her a headache but for me it seems to be any (if I drink more than one glass).

What is it?

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Weedsnseeds1 Tue 22-Dec-20 21:28:52

Sulphur Dioxide

GirlCrush Tue 22-Dec-20 21:34:05


Saz12 Tue 22-Dec-20 21:37:03


That might just be me though...

Maybe .try organic white?

BakewellGin1 Tue 22-Dec-20 21:38:46

I'm like this with prosecco sad even a glass or two has my head feeling like it's in a vice. Totally ruins me

AnneLovesGilbert Tue 22-Dec-20 21:40:37

I’m the same with white wine, any white. One glass is fine and a bit into a second I get a splitting headache at the top of my head. Tried it several times as it was a new thing and it was the same every time. Red is fine.

bettxmascake Tue 22-Dec-20 21:41:54

I'm the same, red wine is fine but white wine is not. I wonder if it's because it's chilled.


howsicklyarsekissy Tue 22-Dec-20 21:43:45

Chardonnay always gives me a headache i don't touch it now it's mixed grapes. Best to stick to old worlds wine like french. Spanish Italian less mixed grapes. I found that white Pinot less headaches!

Countdowntonothing Tue 22-Dec-20 21:50:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Longdistance Tue 22-Dec-20 21:56:13

The sulphate content will give you a fuzzy head.
Pinot Grigio gives me a red neck and cheeks.

Delatron Tue 22-Dec-20 22:00:10

Sulphites. Some white wines make my nose runny all night it’s like an allergy.

I refuse to accept I’m allergic to wine though!

Filmbuffmum Tue 22-Dec-20 22:00:45

I have noticed this for a couple of years, but then tried this one www.coop.co.uk/products/raw-airen-verdejo-sauvignon-blanc-826722 and thought it was completely different, no headache and no after taste.

Passthecake30 Tue 22-Dec-20 22:02:06

Sulphites. Certain wines make me feel completely drunk within half a glass, these are the ones to also give me a headache.

TenCornMaidens Tue 22-Dec-20 22:11:12

Sulphites or histamine

Thecazelets Tue 22-Dec-20 22:13:14

Same here - can drink red but white is basically a headache in a glass.

CompleteBarstool Tue 22-Dec-20 22:30:40

So if its sulphites is there a way of telling which wines have no/less sulphites?

What's interesting is looking back to when we've been on holiday somewhere hot and I've tended to drink chilled white wine rather than red I dont recall having headaches like I have here at home in the UK when I drink white wine confused

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Bythehairywartsonmywitchychin Tue 22-Dec-20 22:36:10

Tannins, histamines and sugar.


Frestba Tue 22-Dec-20 22:39:30

Sainsburys I think do an organic wine with no added sulphides. It might be worth a try.

CompleteBarstool Tue 22-Dec-20 22:41:36

That article implies that sweet wines or red wines are more likely to be a problem yet it's the dry whites that give me a headache.

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Bythehairywartsonmywitchychin Tue 22-Dec-20 22:48:01

It says less likely, however you may be sensitive to tannins or you may be having an allergic reaction etc

Fainasnowchild Tue 22-Dec-20 22:48:07

Aha! I have info that may save your head! I started suffering with white wine in my early 40s. It seemed worse with Californian and Australian wines I noticed.
I did a bit of research and found that there is genuinely a difference in grape varieties and production methods that means that some people can react to "modern" production methods used more commonly in New World wines. I stick to French white wine or Italian if I must (Italian seems more variable) and find this does not produce the headaches in the same way. I can't drink as much as I used to, but I can have more than a single glass without getting an awful head. An extra bit of advice - avoid prosecco like the plague. It is the devil's own work for people with white wine sensitivity.

Guineapigbridge Tue 22-Dec-20 22:52:49

Yes, its prosecco and all white wine for me. Splitting headache. I avoid it now.
Iiiiiiinteresting that its the sulphites.
Champagne - the expensive stuff - is fine, thankfully.

lilylongjohn Tue 22-Dec-20 22:54:23

Try drinking organic wine. Prosecco gives me shitty headaches even when I'm drinking it, I found some organic Prosecco at aldi and I don't get a headache

Guineapigbridge Tue 22-Dec-20 22:56:48

This article says its not sulphites but likely all the other additives that are put into cheap wine to make it taste better
additives are to blame

RosesforMama Tue 22-Dec-20 22:57:26

It's not sulphites....unless you also react to salami, dried apricots etc.

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