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SwankySharky Tue 22-Dec-20 21:17:17

Having a really awful time at the moment with trauma and had a massive plan to get through the Christmas holidays with a therapy break but T4 means it's all gone to shit.

I've been prescribed diazepam which is coming tomorrow and it's been years since i have taken it.

Does it work quite quickly? Theyve given it to me to help me sleep but generally at the moment just want to take it in the day time as well and sleep constantly so my mind switches off.

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Toddlerteaplease Sat 26-Dec-20 15:56:11

Had it for muscle spasms in my neck. We give 2 year olds much larger doses than I had. Made me feel
Terrible and sick.

SwankySharky Sat 26-Dec-20 14:51:42

Thank you everyone. Yesterday was horrible but today is a new day.

You can do daily exercise if your shielding now I think. I haven't got my letter to hand but i am pretty sure you can.

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murbblurb Thu 24-Dec-20 17:32:01

it will do what it does for your personal body chemistry. Experiences of others are of no value.

melatonin is not NHS approved as a sleep aid.

Really glad you have your MH team contactable, I hope the medication works and you have better times coming, and I wish you the very very best.

TheChosenTwo Thu 24-Dec-20 16:58:49

Good for the soul that you’ve been for a walk but you did say previously that you were shielding!

SwankySharky Thu 24-Dec-20 14:40:55

Yes my GP is aware - it was them who insisted it was weaned down very gradually. It was really horrible though which is why I am trying hard to take the full doses now.

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SwankySharky Thu 24-Dec-20 14:40:05

I am doing OK. Have been out for a walk and now just relaxing again.

@rookgizzardpie it wasn't an issue my side if that makes sense - I was on a huge dose for a physical illness and a doctor (not GP or specialist who knew me) told me to go from that to zero and it caused issues - I then weaned down properly and all was fine.

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rookgizzardpie Thu 24-Dec-20 14:29:44

I’m surprised you’ve been prescribed 5mg twice a day after having previous issues with benzos. Is your GP aware of that? They’re VERY addictive. Hope they do the trick and you get a peaceful sleep

TheChosenTwo Thu 24-Dec-20 13:42:31

Pleased that you’ve had some rest OP.
How have you been?

FestertheJester Thu 24-Dec-20 10:01:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SwankySharky Thu 24-Dec-20 09:53:47

Oh, I cancelled the Festive Period. I have sent presents and cards (a few weeks ago) but there is not a single decoration up in the house. My family are Nc with me and I do think one person will call but this year I am really not even sure about that (though they all have presents, some are still on there way...)

I have a giant bloody chicken (don't like turkey) which I may actually cook and take to the police on the streets if I can talk to them and figure a way to do it safely etc - I am assuming they will still be here tomorrow but don't have any idea what has happened (and don't really want to know at the moment).

I got snacks and netflix for today again. Maybe some more tidying up, and I have a few things to fix up too so I can do that.

I always do Christmas with my voices a bit later anyway so it doesn't make too much difference.

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Orf1abc Thu 24-Dec-20 09:46:04

It's great to hear you got some sleep.

People have mentioned melatonin, but as stated it's not normally prescribed for adults in the UK (but is for older people and children!). However you might want to ask your CPN/ psychiatrist if agomelatine is an option for you. It works on the same principles, so helping you maintain a decent sleep pattern. It's officially an anti depressant but I think it's pretty crap for that. I don't think a GP can prescribe agome agomelatine but secondary care definitely can (but don't like to, it's expensive).

I hope you have a restful few days. If it helps, I'm focusing on January 3rd. Nothing is going to have changed, but it doesn't feel nearly as pressured as the 'festive' period, that for many of us is far jolly. Take care of yourself.

OmarListening Thu 24-Dec-20 09:45:27

That's great news. Hopefully this will end the cycle.

SwankySharky Thu 24-Dec-20 09:41:29

I know, thank you so, so much everyone for all the advice.

And, I appreciate not many people will understand this, but I have found one of my voices that had suddenly gone quiet so I am feeling reassured.

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OmarListening Thu 24-Dec-20 09:38:47

Hooray! God bless diazepam.

SwankySharky Thu 24-Dec-20 09:32:03

I got some sleep, Finally!

Lots of reality dreams, but sleep.

Starting to feel better. Just went to offer the police that have now been there all night a hot drink, but the declined (I guess there's some covid restrictions on this).

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SwankySharky Wed 23-Dec-20 20:43:44

Yeah, going to try the halfs again soon.

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Wrenna Wed 23-Dec-20 20:29:53

I’m another for cutting them in half! Lasts doubly long, obviously!

SwankySharky Wed 23-Dec-20 20:26:52

Thank you, I have taken another one - then two just now. Hopefully sleep now (though there's still lots of police and forensic people around and I am not sure why which is not helping)

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OmarListening Wed 23-Dec-20 14:31:37

If you're still feeling crap take another pill op. Some people need more than others.

SwankySharky Wed 23-Dec-20 14:24:21

@Fluffycloudland77 I know, it was really unexpected and arrived in my email last night.

@OmarListening Yes, I do have one, under it now.

I am starting to feel worse again now though.

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OmarListening Wed 23-Dec-20 14:18:57

Have you got a weighted blanket?

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 23-Dec-20 14:12:40

envy £250 jl voucher

SwankySharky Wed 23-Dec-20 11:55:09

I actually took the other half (only because I had a slightly unwanted visitor come around suddenly, I mean wanted at any other time just not at the moment).

I am in lying in bed watching some netflix with weighted blanket and hot water bottle. I have a 250 pound John Lewis voucher to spend so I am going to get some calming activities from there if I can find things. And I am getting a takeaway for lunch.

A day of no expectations of myself.

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TheChosenTwo Wed 23-Dec-20 11:30:28

Good luck with it today, do you feel any calmer since taking the first half? Have you sat down since?

SwankySharky Wed 23-Dec-20 10:33:23

I have taken half a tablet, going to call the mental health team in a bit.

Unfortunately woke up to police lights on my street which has caused panic overload again. They are still here but in another house.

Going to do some cleaning up, talk to the team and then see if I need another half a tablet.

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