Anyone else had the twitch' this Christmas?

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NoEffingWay Tue 22-Dec-20 11:24:10

I was doing so well, presents all wrapped and under the tree....and before I knew it I had popped onto amazon and bought another £50 worth of presents for DP and DS. grinblush.

Am I the only one? I felt a teensy bit embarrassed when the delivery driver rocked up yesterday, giant box in hand!

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Gotobloodysleep Tue 22-Dec-20 11:36:34


Just laid all the kids presents to begin wrapping and am now having a panic that it's not equal or enough.

My dc are starting to get to an age where everything is more expensive but come in smaller packages. Dh says I have a problem with expecting a "pile". He says it's not the size but what's in it.😂

NoEffingWay Tue 22-Dec-20 11:43:18

@Gotobloodysleep exactly that! Ds has a tv this year which is the 'big' present but he loves craft stuff and books. It was all little things but the bill wasn't little!

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Thorilicious Tue 22-Dec-20 11:54:33

Yep, last night. I actually had a cry that I was ruining ds's Christmas by not having stuff he asked for.
I think today though, it was the stress of having my planned Christmas being taken away. Plunged into Tier 4, meaning I now can't see my family and most importantly, my 100 year old nan. Tis shite.

Nowaynothappening Tue 22-Dec-20 11:55:41

Yeah, I bought £100 of gifts from Amazon the other day. It’s always Amazon for me because I know I can rely on it actually turning up.

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