Covid anxiety has gone into overdrive...

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PinGwyn Tue 22-Dec-20 11:08:52

We are currently in a teir 1 area of Scotland.

I'm normally a logical person and although I have stuck to the rules 99% of the time, teen DS is Autistic and suffers from poor MH so there have been times we've made allowances with a family friend who he shares a hobby with.

But now with this new strain my anxiety (never had it until July when I had a total melt down) has kicked up 5 gears and i'm struggling with thinking for myself without worrying about the "rules".

DS asked to go out today with family friend in car to their outdoor hobby and I said no then immediately felt terrible when his eyes filled up - he doesn't show emotion readily so this was quite shocking.

I'm now wondering if I should continue to allow him to go with family friend (he has no one outside of school as struggles with social interaction) as long as they both wear masks in car and don't enter homes.

And before anyone says it;
I know we're not special, the rules do apply to us, lots of people are struggling and we are lucky to have someone to offer support.

We have an extended household with my Mum as she is a single parent with children under 18 and DS needed somewhere safe to go when he would "run away" during meltdowns in lockdown #1.

Sorry this is long and probably doesn't make much sense but my brain is all over the shop right now blush

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