How have you Ruined Christmas in years gone by?

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TheQueef Tue 22-Dec-20 10:00:18

I don't mean the Christmas day super hangover, we've all done that.
Have you ever made such a bollocks of it that it's spoken about in hushed tones?

Mine was a fairly tame temper tantrum at Dbro who left his wife and three kids the week before Christmas.
I was banging the shopping away and lambasting him for being such a huge prick.
Took the wrapping off the frozen turkey so it'd fit the freezer.
Christmas eve got the turkey out to defrost.....of course I'd thrown it away and saved the wrapper angry
No one was allowed to mention it. blush

Anyone else?

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Hangingover Tue 22-Dec-20 10:04:49

I don't mean the Christmas day super hangover, we've all done that

Came here to say this. Chateauneuf-du-pape + port = puke. envy (I don't drink any more!!)

TheQueef Tue 22-Dec-20 10:07:23

Cherry B mine Hanging
Threw up on next doors front door and spent mass hurling loudly.
I think that's a rite of passage though grin

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:07:45

I once cooked for 7 spending best part of £200 about 10 years ago as I know neither of the other women in the family like cooking and they were so affronted they left after opening presents.

I leave them to it now while dh and I have a lovely relaxed Christmas.

I am a Monster.

KumquatSalad Tue 22-Dec-20 10:10:16

You are a monster @Fluffycloudland77. how could you? 😂

When I was about 9 I woke up with a dreadful stomach bug in Christmas morning and spent the whole day in bed/being sick. That must have been wonderful for my parents.

rosy71 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:12:28

When ds1 was a baby, we all had a dreadful tummy bug. I was sick all of Christmas Eve & dp was sick all of Christmas Day & Boxing Day. What fun!

TheQueef Tue 22-Dec-20 10:13:18

Ingrates Fluffy you weren't even pissed!

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Fluffycloudland77 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:14:08

The final straw was probably the Norfolk black turkey cooked properly and 2.5kg homemade goose fat king Edward roasters.

I promise to never do it again.

Fantasmic143 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:15:58

We had an almighty row with my PIL after they bought me a book all about stain removal. Once it settled down, our relationship with them has been all good and with hindsight of about 20 years, they were just trying to be helpful re: small kids etc. But boy did I take offence!

Bambam2019 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:16:18

Came in at about 2am on Christmas morning rather inebriated and proceeded to make a start on the Christmas trifle. I was 18

KumquatSalad Tue 22-Dec-20 10:16:34


The final straw was probably the Norfolk black turkey cooked properly and 2.5kg homemade goose fat king Edward roasters.

I promise to never do it again.

Nor should you. How awful of you.

Don’t tell me that you had proper homemade gravy too? 😱

FrankiesKnuckle Tue 22-Dec-20 10:19:09

Being sick in my sleep and waking up in it on Christmas morning.
The accompanying hangover and bouts of vomiting opening presents.... the worst part is I was only 14 at the time 😳

My mother has ruined plenty since, usually a combo of her skewed sense of what should be and wine. Thank god I won't have to suffer that nonsense this year as she's T4.

AlwaysLatte Tue 22-Dec-20 10:19:32

I remember my first Christmas with my husband when my MIL came (she was a fantastic cook). I was still getting to grips with our new Aga and didn't realise that when you put something on a high heat for 30 mins then turn it down to very low it takes and absolute age to cool down. When I proudly took the turkey out of the oven to put on the serving platter the legs and wings stayed behind 😂

WeAllHaveWings Tue 22-Dec-20 10:19:43

We went to visit MIL, who was unofficially fostering her dgc(7) after a family bereavement that year, it was his first Christmas without his mum Dgc was a big santa believer, and was desperate for a pet hamster. We were visiting /staying over, knew nothing about the gift.

We arrived Xmas eve and MIL/dh went out for a takeaway while dnephew and I waited at home. Suddenly heard strange noises upstairs, worried what it was we went to investigate and found the hamster running around in its wheel 🤭

Ruined his Christmas present and he spent the whole of Christmas looking for explanations, none of which he believed and everytime he Brough it up I got an evil glare from MIL. Never felt so guilty before ruining his day.

cheeseismydownfall Tue 22-Dec-20 10:21:31

OP, how you you accidentally throw out a turkey?!

FlibbertyGiblets Tue 22-Dec-20 10:21:44

Well there was the Christmas of ten thousand burnt turkeys...

ShirleyPhallus Tue 22-Dec-20 10:25:04

My mum bought one of those massive salmon fillet things for 10 people to have on Christmas Eve and 19 year old me, being the caring daughter I am, ushered her out the kitchen and said I’d take care of dinner. I was a pretty competent cook but did the dishwasher salmon thing which id read about but never tried. Can confirm, it is fucking rank. It disintegrated but went watery somehow which I think was cos it wasn’t parcelled properly, there was a very strong taste of dishwasher (no shit) about it and the dishwasher itself smelt like fish for bloody ages. I thought it would be one of those silly but charming anecdotes. My mother did not. She was FURIOUS. In hindsight, Christmas Eve might not have been the time to try the dish for the first time. She had to defrost a chilli from the freezer and we have to tread very carefully on the topic of Christmas Eve and it’s all anyone can bloody talk about.

TheQueef Tue 22-Dec-20 10:25:31

Brothers fault Cheese
I was so invested in telling him how bad and wrong he was (I actually wanted to fist fight like we were 10) and having the wrapper just started the rage again. angry 25 years have passed and he's since died but I can still feel it.

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MrsDeadlock Tue 22-Dec-20 10:26:33

I was doing some glass collecting with a mate at the local pub on xmas eve. Loads of booze left over after a big party. Landlord said help yourselves. We drank ALL the red and white wine we could lay our grubby little hands on before staggering back home. I can't have been much more than 15 at the time. I didn't even surface on xmas day, I was SO ill. I remember a younger sibling bringing me a selection box and I nearly cried.

I think my parents took it very well considering. Think they took pity on me for my teenage escapades, as I was an otherwise excellent teenager.

Strawberrypancakes Tue 22-Dec-20 10:30:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tangerines2021 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:32:28

Swine flu, 2010. Say no more.

timeforanewstart Tue 22-Dec-20 10:36:27

Went abroad for xmas last year with family first time ever and xmas day ended up in bed with sore throat , aches pains etc and stayed in for rest of holiday

Grooticle Tue 22-Dec-20 10:46:36

In the late 90s, my brother and I were both away from home at university. Our family has always invited “waifs and strays”, as my mum puts it, to join us for Christmas. We both happened to have university friends whose families were abroad, so both invited them to come to our family Christmas, without bothering to discuss it with each other.

They were both from former Yugoslavia, from communities that had attacked each other during the war there, and my brothers friend maintained that my friend’s family were actually in one of the militias and had killed his friend. It was .....uncomfortable.

catnoir1 Tue 22-Dec-20 10:46:54

I apparently ruined Christmas one year for my mum. I was called a selfish bitch and all these other names by my dad because I said I would come just after dinner instead of at dinner because I didn't like the food they had cooked and am nc with both my brother and sister. I said I would be happy to come after dinner to drop presents off but won't sit at the table with them.

Grooticle Tue 22-Dec-20 10:47:09

(Now referred to in family recollections as “the Merry militia christmas”).

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