Non-messy messy play stuff?

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PlumbNormal Tue 22-Dec-20 07:25:23

Can anybody recommend things that approximate messy play but aren't messy? I've just bought an Aquadoodle mat for example so along those lines! Many thanks!

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namechange34 Tue 22-Dec-20 07:28:37

Playfoam is much less messy than slime / playdough, pretty easy to clean up

Peeeas Tue 22-Dec-20 07:29:28

Paint pens are a great alternative to normal paints. Not entirely non messy, but require much less supervision!

Peeeas Tue 22-Dec-20 07:32:19

We have these: 4yo loves them, and you can use them on glass, stones, etc as well as paper.

SnuggyBuggy Tue 22-Dec-20 07:33:27

Some of the dry options like uncooked pasta and shredded newspaper aren't as bad in my experience.

SBAM Tue 22-Dec-20 07:37:20

Pom-poms? I bought a bag of approx 2cm ones which we’ve done colour sorting activities with and also had in a tray with jugs/spoons etc for scooping and pouring. They still end up thrown everywhere but I’m happier with pom-poms on the floor than magic sand or play dough and there’s no mess on clothes.

AIMD Tue 22-Dec-20 07:38:09

Kinetic sand and play dough are good. I mean they leave some remnants but they are easily hoovered up and not wet or anything.

Things in sandwiches bags are a good idea too. Eg paint blobs they can push about or sparkles in hair gel ( with the bags sealed and gaffs taped up).

Is it the clearing up your want to avoid? If so I’ve found doing things in the Bath before they shower useful ( so long as it’s liquid so can go down the plug hole).


Sevensilverrings Tue 22-Dec-20 07:38:53

Cornflour in water (just a little water) is properly messy...but you only need a little in a saucer to keep them amused for ages, and it washes off really easily.
Face painting dolls?
Using paints in the bath, or on the bath tiles?
Giving them a bit of dough while your cooking.
Drawing around hands then ‘nailvarnishing’ with wet paintbrushes.
Putting lots of tiny tiny things into old bottle to make shakers?
Making ‘potions’ from herbs, leaves etc...

ThatBitch Tue 22-Dec-20 07:42:19

Bubbles/foam and bath paint pens in the bath. When finished just shower everything away 🤣 you can buy the messy play trays on amazon, they're amazing! Things like cornflakes and toy tractors to drive through/over/scoop. Moon sand. Shaving foam. Uncooked pasta. Different kinds of cereal, start with all separate so they can mix and squish.

PlumbNormal Tue 22-Dec-20 08:53:17

Thanks I'm going to look up all of these

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