Being a selfish little nob, it's a Bing Thing.

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beingaprickisabingthing Tue 22-Dec-20 02:03:23

I am absolutely sick of Bing Bunny, whinging and being a little prick. Nothing is never his fault, and then his soft valium induced carer coddles him into believing he's done nothing wrong, even when Bing threw his fucking phone in the bin after breaking it! It's a bloody joke. That little rabbit prick wants shooting and boiling, nevermind Pando or whatever that smug little twat is called, always stripping and being a little nobhead, especially in that swing episode where his bitchy careworker thing (what the hell even are they? parents? aliens?) continued to let him swing when his turn was over, resulting in Bing being knocked over.

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TallTowerFan Tue 22-Dec-20 02:41:03

I agree with you regarding Bing , but don't knock Pando.

NewYearsEveWedding Tue 22-Dec-20 02:54:01

Op, this thread is hilarious. Made me laugh during the night feed - thanks!!

My husband finds it so stressful to watch, as does DD. Bing always makes mistakes - Sula’s shoe in the toilet, stealing from the shop, breaking the drum, killing the butterfly. Wonder if one day, Flop will lose his shit, like the rest of us would.

PolkadotGiraffe Tue 22-Dec-20 03:00:10

EVERYONE hates Bing. And I say this as someone who loves rabbits in general. He is a whingey little s**t who fucks everything up then moans about it.

You are not alone.

EllyNC Tue 22-Dec-20 03:02:17

Here here!!!! Can’t stand his whining!!!!!

Lofari Tue 22-Dec-20 03:08:35

Bing is a prick.
Flop is an enabler.
On another note, i really hate Norman Price from Fireman Sam

beingaprickisabingthing Tue 22-Dec-20 03:57:32

It was written in genuine anger for this little sod. I'm glad someone got enjoyment.
I do hope Flop loses his rag and smacks Bing's arse red raw. I couldn't stop laughing for 10 minutes after finding out he stepped in dog turd in one episode.

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beingaprickisabingthing Tue 22-Dec-20 03:59:19


EVERYONE hates Bing. And I say this as someone who loves rabbits in general. He is a whingey little s**t who fucks everything up then moans about it.

You are not alone.

You'll be pleased to find out the whining little git steps in turd one episode.

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Eminybob Tue 22-Dec-20 04:01:16

Totally agree with everyone. I can’t help shouting at the telly when it’s on. Which is a lot, as DS2 love it for some reason.

What does make me laugh is he has a walking talking bing toy, which, when it falls over says “can you pick me up please?” and DS shouts “Noooooooooo!!!!!” right in his whiney little face.

beingaprickisabingthing Tue 22-Dec-20 04:01:52


Bing is a prick.
Flop is an enabler.
On another note, i really hate Norman Price from Fireman Sam

Flop needs to stop doing valium and teach the little git a lesson. If DS broke my phone and then dropped it in the bin I'd have him over my knee.

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FestiveStuffing Tue 22-Dec-20 04:16:32

We have a limit on Bing in this house. What I hate is the non-standard English. If DD watches more than one or two episodes a day she starts saying 'yup' to everything and it gives me the rage. I also think Amma, Padget and the rest gather to mutter about Flop and Bing behind their backs. Bing throws a massive strop every five minutes and everyone has to pander to him, yet the other kids are constantly fairly philosophical about stuff. Did you see the Christmas episode? Bing gets a Hoppity Voosh sleigh and kicks up a fuss about it because there's no snow, even though Sula manages to be perfectly gracious and polite when all she gets is an orange Bing has drawn on. And poor Coco is expected to be perfectly fine with Bing destroying her stuff at every given opportunity.

20viona Tue 22-Dec-20 04:17:54

This is hilarious I also detest the sod.

Pinkywoo Tue 22-Dec-20 04:25:57

Lofari Norman Price is such a little shit, they should leave him in the sea next time he acts like a twat!

Liverbird77 Tue 22-Dec-20 04:50:14

I've got my son a talking Bing for Christmas!

Junobug Tue 22-Dec-20 05:01:42

When I'm about to loose my shit, I mutter to myself "what would Flop do?"
And then I loose it anyway as children are infuriating and Bing is a brat.

WilheminaVenable Tue 22-Dec-20 05:43:57


It’s no big thing, says Flop while Bing is literally tearing the house apart halo

Bing765 Tue 22-Dec-20 06:03:16

User name checking in. Totally random name but i found it too funny not to comment. My DD is only 6mo so I still have all this to come. I heard Peppa Pig is a bitch too.

alphasox Tue 22-Dec-20 06:04:24

Welcome to parenting a toddler, here’s your uniform. grin

Angelofdeath Tue 22-Dec-20 06:18:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

user1493413286 Tue 22-Dec-20 06:20:10

I had to ban bing as my DD started moaning like he does and I couldn’t stand it. The programme just makes no sense

thetinselbadge Tue 22-Dec-20 06:37:39

Good morning my people.

I think Bing could knife people on his way to the park and Flop would just say 'ah you were a little annoyed weren't you Bing? Don't worry, it's no big thing, the Hospital will stitch them back up. Let's have an ice cream'.

RubaiyatOfAnyone Tue 22-Dec-20 06:38:10

Aww, i slightly luffs Bing. It was dd1’s first major interest and for about a year it ruled in our house. I love that the episodes are “real time” so toddlers can get their head around the stories. I love that bad behaviour is shown as well as good and discussed, since everyone’s toddler acts selfishly at times a and it worked well to model the right way of dealing with things. I like that it seems to show foster/adoptive carers since they are not always the same type of animal as their child, and always assumed the softly softly approach with Bing was because he had had a difficult upbringing before this. And most of all i love that Flop is voiced by Marc Rylance who i could listen to all day. I genuinely do not get the hate i see on here so often.
(*disclaimer - i haven’t seen the new non-Rylance episodes that have come out since dd1 was little).

MRC20 Tue 22-Dec-20 06:41:02

Oh don't get me started. I have 2 toddlers. They're not talking much yet but one 2 bloody words they've learned, more and Bing. FFS, they've just got up and it's the first thing we have to do EVERY FUCKING MORNING 😭😭😭

NellWilsonsWhiteHair Tue 22-Dec-20 06:52:44

Oh, I like Bing. He’s whiny and annoying often, sure, but that’s normal for a 3yo (and he never seems to properly explode with it as my DC1, now 8 and splendid, used to!). The stories are relevant and interesting to my 2yo. Flop is parenting goals (and like a pp I could listen to Mark Rylance all day!).

Sula is a really lovely child, for sure. And Pando is hard work (but a useful inclusion - doesn’t every small child have to learn how to navigate that very rambunctious child to whom the rules seem not to apply, for reasons which may or may not be legitimate from an adult POV?).

I find it genuinely surprising that Bing comes in for so much aggro on here! There is so much more questionable small kid TV out there.

RedPandaFluff Tue 22-Dec-20 06:55:34

Have a look at this "letter to Flop" - made me giggle!

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