Strong smelling washing powder

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Vthirtyone Mon 21-Dec-20 23:05:19

You know when you walk past someone's house, or past someone in the street and you can strongly smell their washing powder? Well which brand are they using? Or are they just using tonnes of the stuff in the machine? I sniff the different ones in the supermarket (not getting out much at the moment blush) but I can't work out which ones will really linger on the clothes?
Any tips gratefully received!

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Changethetoner Mon 21-Dec-20 23:14:08

Are you wanting to have strongly smelling clothes or not? It's not clear from your post. Personally I find Bold the smelliest, and I don't buy it any more because I prefer my clothes to smell of nothing.

FoxtrotOscarPoppet Mon 21-Dec-20 23:14:41

I think your nose gets used to the smell of your own laundry powder / softener, etc so after a while it’s not noticeable anymore.

My BF uses Surf and Lenor - clothes always smell nice.

I use Tesco powder and Comfort Pure - I can’t smell it on my clothes but BF always says how clean my clothes smell.

DramaAlpaca Mon 21-Dec-20 23:16:18

It's not Ariel or Almat because they don't smell strongly, which is why I buy them.

Bold is very strong.

CherryPieface Mon 21-Dec-20 23:17:21

My husband uses Ariel capsules on hid gym kits, they absolutely stink. I actually find them overpowering if I’m in the same room as his drying clothes.

Vthirtyone Mon 21-Dec-20 23:20:13

Oh I love the smell, I want more of it in my life.
Ooh ok I will try Bold- thanks!
Surf seems like it will smell strong but it doesn't seem to linger once the clothes are dried.

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Bargebill19 Mon 21-Dec-20 23:21:57

We’ve both accidentally dosed the washing machine with surf liquid - the smell was quite pungent, I could smell it from the road as the washing was being tumble dried in the shed.
Thankfully the washing machine didn’t spew suds everywhere.
If I wash my work cloths, they have a very chemical smell when hung up in strong sun.
So guess it’s a combination of using a lot of detergent and dependant on the other chemicals present.


Toomuchleopard Mon 21-Dec-20 23:23:58

Ariel liquid tabs smell very strong. I love the smell. They come in a green box.

sofiaaaaaa Mon 21-Dec-20 23:24:27

Lenor scent boosters!!!!

The gold orchid is my favourite, it’s just a lovely vanilla scent. I love getting whiffs of it through the day!

timeforanother1 Mon 21-Dec-20 23:25:58

Bold liquid and comfort intense liquid smells very strong together. The pink intense is lovely.

CatholicKidston Mon 21-Dec-20 23:26:21

It'll be this stuff.

MrsMiaWallis Mon 21-Dec-20 23:27:14

Its fabric softener

CatholicKidston Mon 21-Dec-20 23:28:04

Ariel isn't as in your face but the smell lasts for so long. Like I've taken summer clothes out of the wardrobe from the year before and they still smell amazing. Can't use it anymore though because of DS eczema we can only use persil non bio.

SlopesOff Mon 21-Dec-20 23:35:14

I wanted to get one for coloured washes.
Picked up the Tesco one. It didn't smell too bad on the way round the shop.
On the way back home it almost choked us and it was in the boot of the car.
It was brought indoors and taken straight back out again because it was so strong. Had to return it to the store, it really was foul, took the skin off my nasal passages. You might like that one OP.

MumandnotMum Mon 21-Dec-20 23:39:47

I disagree with PP in that I find Ariel smells very strongly. Also gold orchid lenor lasts for weeks, as do the black comfort bottles. I think they’re called perfume something or other. They purple one is my favourite!

Twobrews Mon 21-Dec-20 23:45:05

DS's friend always smells really strongly of laundry and his Mum buys surf liquid and a black bottle of comfort. She must use loads as she buys it twice a week.
Gleaned this info from when DC1 was working in Morrison's!

Lots of people use comfort pure too, I hate the smell but smell it a lot.

Sick Mon 21-Dec-20 23:48:08

Get some laundry dettol (or the aldi version), the scent is so strong and last for ages! It smells really good, not like the orange dettol or the surface spray.

Sick Mon 21-Dec-20 23:50:38

If you use a tumble dryer get an ecoegg dryer egg, that also smells beautiful.

FrenchBoule Tue 22-Dec-20 02:18:47

@SlopesOff I bought it but it’s really not bad, no overpowering scent,washes well and no skin reaction

KILNAMATRA Tue 22-Dec-20 06:37:31

Which one is best for environment ? Theres a water treatment plant near us and you can smell the washing powder down there..

ShanKayak Tue 22-Dec-20 06:46:51

Persil Original Non-Biological
I used to rely on it . Recently it has long-lasting anti-odour which is so strong I had to store it in the bathroom, where it deodorises the air, instead of the kitchen where it spoils the smell of dinner.
Ecover only has ice scent or none, very mild.

macaronip1e Tue 22-Dec-20 06:52:31

I totally agree you get used to the smell you use. I change what we use every 3-4months so I can start to smell a “clean smell” again grin

SlopesOff Tue 22-Dec-20 14:36:47


*@SlopesOff* I bought it but it’s really not bad, no overpowering scent,washes well and no skin reaction

I am not used to smelly laundry stuff, the strongest we have is Lidl lavender and something powder which is very mild. I sniff all the detergents before I buy one so that it doesn't knock me out or make me sneeze uncontrollably like some of them do. I use Surf lavender for the general wash, shirts etc. but have to use unperfumed for my own. Sometimes in a checkout queue, even socially distanced the person in front makes my eyes water. The things that are added these days are very powerful and I fondly remember the days when I enjoyed the smell of someone's newly washed jumper as they passed me.

DelphineWalsh Tue 22-Dec-20 15:04:24

Pink surf is the one that's in the window of the house round the corner which always smells of washing powder, fags and dogs.

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