Health anxiety - any advice?

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fuckinganaemia Mon 21-Dec-20 20:38:28

I’ve been so bad with it that I’m checking my pulse about 200 times a day, and I’ve ruptured blood vessels in my arm from checking my blood pressure so much .

I’m on medications, and I’ve recently started therapy but I’m struggling so much . I’m not physically well anyway - waiting to be diagnosed with anaemia - but this is worse than usual for me. .

I feel so frightened, alone and frustrated and angry with myself . I’ve lost all my independence and confidence .

Every day I have a panic I’m dying, and I just want a break . I’m not sure what to do to make it easier - new counsellor said to try and out some distance between me and the BP monitor or get rid altogether, but it’s easier said than done . I’m desperate to be rid of the anxiety - would try anything to be honest .

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DownWhichOfLate Mon 21-Dec-20 20:56:00

I think anemia can actually cause panic. Can you start on iron supplements?

fuckinganaemia Mon 21-Dec-20 20:57:49

GP wants to do more blood tests first, she thinks it’s the B12 sort - B12 level was 216 so borderline low . Have a strong family history .

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BritInAus Tue 22-Dec-20 04:06:27

You poor thing. A good psychologist, a good medication, magnesium, vit B supplement and as much exercise, ideally outdoors as you can manage. Also try to eat so that you keep your blood sugar as steady as possible, and try to sleep well. Minimal caffeine if any.

None of those are miracle cures, but when all those general well-being things are prioritised, I always feel better.

VanillaSpiceCandle Tue 22-Dec-20 10:21:48

You need to get rid of the blood pressure monitor and any other ‘diagnostic’ type equipment you own. I am going through this with my mother in law and it is so ridiculous to have things like this in the house when you know it will just make you worry more.

Definitely try to find something to do to take your mind off it. The more time you have doing nothing, the more you’ll be worrying about your health.

allycat4 Tue 22-Dec-20 11:28:10

Get rid of the BP monitor! Just have it checked annually (or whatever GP recommends) and forget about it between checks.

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