1980s Overweight vs 2020 Overweight?

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IDSNeighbour Mon 21-Dec-20 20:27:37

I'm watching Series 1 of Children's Ward from 1989 on BritBox (I know, I know, get a life - I live on my own in tier 4, there's nothing to do!)

Do you remember the character called Ben? He appears to be in hospital for compulsive overeating or just to help him lose weight. He gets upset about it and says not everyone should have to look the same so, to help him out, one of the nurses is now having a sponsored weight loss competition with him.

Aside from the fact that that clearly couldn't happen nowadays, neither of the characters look fat to a modern eye at all. Ben is chubby, sure. He is probably bigger than around 75% of the boys his age that I teach. But I don't think anyone nowadays would call him fat. Certainly not put him hospital for it!! And the nurse looks like a size 14 to me. Maybe a 16 depending on her height. Overweight, I should think. Not fat.

Of course, I know we are much bigger as a nation now. But it was a stark reminder to me of just how much things have changed. What we would now see as a bit heavier than we should be used to be viewed as a serious obesity issue.

To what extent do you think that is something that needs to change or be addressed now? Should we have 1980s standards for our weight? Or can we just accept that our average diets, lifestyles and bodies are different nowadays?

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