Indian restaurant takeaway on Christmas Day

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Givemethenight Mon 21-Dec-20 18:34:59

Maybe a stupid question, I don't know. But the thought of cooking a Christmas dinner this year fills me with dread, I'm just not in the mood.
I've tried looking online at the local restaturants but they don't have any information.

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LeftHandDown Mon 21-Dec-20 18:38:25

Why don't you give them a ring and find out. The ones in our town are open Christmas day for diners, so presume they'd also do take away.

gabsdot45 Mon 21-Dec-20 18:38:53

You may not find one open on Christmas day but if you get it on Christmas eve it'll reheat
Sounds like a great idea to me

OddsNSodsBitsNBobs Mon 21-Dec-20 18:39:04

Quite likely, we are doing similar on boxing day. Why not phone and enquire?

HotSince63 Mon 21-Dec-20 18:39:54

What's the question?

Are you asking if any of us knows if your local Indian restaurants are doing takeaway on Christmas day?

RealisticSketch Mon 21-Dec-20 18:40:30

I know a few people for whom this is their family tradition! 😁 Big city option though I think, never found it in the smaller places. I had to look one year when things were, unusual.

Impatientwino Mon 21-Dec-20 18:45:21

My parents used to do this a lot on the years we were with in-laws.

They'd order it for delivery on Christmas Eve though and reheat it in the oven the next day and wash it down with a bottle of champagne.


Justmuddlingalong Mon 21-Dec-20 18:47:24

Our local restaurants do Christmas day takeaway. But have to be preordered in advance. Give them a bell.

MotherWol Mon 21-Dec-20 18:50:12

* You may not find one open on Christmas day but if you get it on Christmas eve it'll reheat*

Second this, it will all reheat really well in the oven in foil trays, particularly anything in sauce, tikkas/kebabs I’d put a tiny bit of water in so they don’t dry out. Naans/parathas reheat in the oven in their bags. Then either cook fresh rice or reheat in the microwave, you can always make some raita to serve with it if you want to be fancy.

Do it! Curry’s lovely grin

Givemethenight Mon 21-Dec-20 18:52:21

Ha, ha, yes, sorry, I think I should have re-read before I posted. What I meant to ask was is it normal for Indian restaurants to open on Christmas Day so I could order a takeaway. (I'm in Tier 4).
Think I'll give them a ring but thanks for your replies.

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pinkdragons Mon 21-Dec-20 18:57:45

Our local (good) Indian takeaway is closed Xmas. I checked, as I was feeling the same as you.
The Chinese is open but I'm undecided if I'd fancy that on Christmas day.

Elouera Mon 21-Dec-20 19:00:16

How on earth can we answer whether the Indian in YOUR local area would be open on Christmas day??? I'd have no idea whether the ones in my area are open either.

Is there are reason you can't just ring them and find out?

MustardMitt Mon 21-Dec-20 19:31:04

Ring them and ask. Order Xmas Eve for the following day.

Trying81 Mon 21-Dec-20 19:33:02

Small NW town here and quite a few open, but you have to prebook - try checking their Facebook pages

LadyJaye Mon 21-Dec-20 19:38:19

My father died when I was 18, and for a few years, we went through a period of Xmas lunch being a Chinese, because my mother hates cooking and there was only two of us (I quite enjoyed it).

It's totally fine - remember Muslim/Sikh/Hindu people don't attach the same meaning to Christmas.

If in doubt, ring round and check in advance?

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