NHS staff - have you been redeployed?

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Lottapianos Mon 21-Dec-20 16:24:05

NHS here, work in a corporate service but used to be clinical. Not medical, never done hands on care. Mandatory redeployment announced 3 weeks ago, for the second time this year.

Anyone in a similar situation?

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LeoTimmyandVi Mon 21-Dec-20 17:19:29

NHS specialist community team. We’ve been told no redeployment. However, we can volunteer to either be seconded to another short staffed team or work overtime to cover any shortages elsewhere.

Lottapianos Mon 21-Dec-20 17:42:38

You lucky lot! Beware though - we were told no redeployment, then voluntary redeployment (which lasted for all of a week and a half), then mandatory. They've been going through the charade of listing all possible vacancies and letting people apply, but a lot of people are ending up just having to do what they're told. Fingers crossed they leave you be

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