Advice re Downstairs Neighbours noise please

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MrsJBradders Mon 21-Dec-20 16:14:26

I live in the "attic" flat of a converted house, there are three flats in total, ground, middle and ours, we have been here for almost 6 years and rent

We had new neighbours move in about 6 months ago, a couple with a toddler of about 2. they dont speak much english so are just on nodding terms.

For about the last two months, we have been experiencing noise from their flat, what i mean is that it sounds like they are moving furniture around constantly or running around and slamming doors so much that it's making our floor (their ceiling!) vibrate, this is from 8am to 9pm almost every day. They have also been going out and leaving the communal front door unlocked or even worse the key left in the outside of the front door, I have addressed this issue with a note asking to please lock the door behind them

BUT THE NOISE ! What can i do? i really don't believe a 2 year old can make that much noise constantly, and like many i am WFH and it's becoming extremely distracting during the day and annoying at night when we are trying to relax but can just hear constant thumping/slamming/vibrating sad

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Santaisironingwrappingpaper Mon 21-Dec-20 16:19:02

Take pics of key left in /doors open etc. Email ll. Say judging by the noise you are concerned how many people are coming and going (without the tenants knowledge possibly) as surely a couple and a small dc can't be making the noise that you have been experiencing... Safety /risk of being burgled is concerning you...

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