Woodford Green prep schools

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rebeccaacceber Mon 21-Dec-20 15:44:14


My son has a place at Avon House prep school. Could I please have some feedback about this school. We have only just moved to the area and signed him up for a few schools which we researched, St Aubyns and Avon house were front runners. St Aubyns didn't have a place for us atm. My one issue is I have had some controversial feedback re the head of Avon House...… any advice is gratefully received hmm smile

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ChristingleAlltheWay Mon 21-Dec-20 15:53:13

Who's the current head? Amanda somebody?

I went years and years ago. It was fine but full of very privileged children. Very few of us lived in 'normal' houses, most had swimming pools in their gardens, gyms, pool room, you get the idea.

It just felt hard to fit in. But that's probably the same in ask the private schools in the area.

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