Please help me find this T-shirt!

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StuckInPollyannaMode Mon 21-Dec-20 15:28:18

DD desperately wants this t-shirt from Netflix show Seven & Me.

I’m drawing an absolute blank. Any ideas, fellow MNers?

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tellmewhentheLangshiplandscoz Mon 21-Dec-20 15:31:54

Ooh that's cute. The illustration looks a bit Manga-esque, is it a Pokemon character?

user1471515926 Mon 21-Dec-20 15:34:03

You might be able to get someone on etsy to screenprint one for you, if it's not a copyrighted character

Nonamesavail Mon 21-Dec-20 15:41:04

Looks like something h&m may do

TwoDrifters2 Mon 21-Dec-20 15:43:54

You could ask her if she knows? She may remember!

TwoDrifters2 Mon 21-Dec-20 15:44:30

(It’s an old post but she’s wearing it in the pic so it may help!)

Grasses Mon 21-Dec-20 15:46:25

We have one like that from H&M , not identical though


StuckInPollyannaMode Mon 21-Dec-20 16:02:17

Right I’ll check out H&M and also ask her!

The problem is searching leopards just brings up acres of leopard print 😂

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namesnamesnamesnames Mon 21-Dec-20 16:10:43

I've bought one like this before, it was from Sainsbury's in a the pack I think. Some years ago but worth trying.

StuckInPollyannaMode Mon 21-Dec-20 19:26:32

Thanks so much - found something acceptable in H&M

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DaVinyl Mon 21-Dec-20 23:19:59

I think the original was from ToysRUs USA

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