Christmas dinner delivery

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AnnieKennyfanclub Mon 21-Dec-20 15:13:00

Does anyone have any good suggestions for the logistics of delivery Christmas dinner?

Out Christmas plans have been cancelled of course- but the food is already ordered so I have offered to share it with my single neighbour who will be on their own because their plans have been cancelled too. ( we don’t have a close relationship with them but are aware they are very much in their own)

How should I deliver it?

Starter first? Then main and pud?

A food hamper with it all in ready to plate and reheat?

Or already plated and run round when we have ours? - would be awkward?

If you were receiving it what would be best? Or if you have done similar what works best?

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Chocolate4me Mon 21-Dec-20 15:17:09

Ask them what they'd prefer... Either at the door once cooked whenever that is... Or plated up for them to reheat later...
Or they just do their own meal... Saves the risk of contamination being passed on if you have covid etc.

AnnieKennyfanclub Mon 21-Dec-20 15:18:52

I don’t think they cook much - their plan was to stay in a hotel for Xmas. So it’s as much the cooking as the food... we are pretty safe having been self isolating for 14 days in order to have ECV Mil to stay...

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