Anyone miss 2 periods after taking morning after pill?

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BigMumma18 Mon 21-Dec-20 14:42:57

Hi, my partner and I DTD on 14/11 and I took EllaOne the following day. I completely missed my period at the end of November (usually every 4 weeks to the hour!)

I'm now coming up to when my second missed period would be which is on the 25/12 so Christmas day!

Has anyone had Ellaone mess up your cycle this much? Since taking the MAP I've had no bleeding or spotting whatsoever. I took 2 first response test, both negative.

I woke up yesterday extremely nauseous like when morning sickness began in my last pregnancy and had another wave of nausea last night.

I took another first response this morning after talking with the pharmacist and it's another negative. Does this mean I'm definitely not pregnant? I'm worried as I really wouldn't be able to continue with the pregnancy if it was. Please has anyone had period delayed by nearly 2 months or longer?

Thanks in advance!

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Bex19999 Tue 22-Dec-20 08:57:38


I am in the same position as you but I took levenolle not Ella one.

Took it on 25th October.. bled 7 days after but very light and now I am on cycle day 51 and nothing ! I’ve taken about 8 pregnancy tests ! I posted on another board an someone suggested menopause ! Which has scared me as I’m only 31.

I took Ella one years ago and I remember it messed up my cycles a lot.. I think it’s stronger than levonelle I also had a really bad migraine after taking it for about a week so I never took it again

BigMumma18 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:03:19

Hi @Bex19999 and thank you for your reply! It did cross my mind about menopause but I'm only 36 but guess it's still an option 🤔

I'm going to talk to my doctor on Monday as I've not missed 2 periods and still getting negative results, I'm just worried as I would be like 8 weeks now if I was and can't have another for several reasons

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Bex19999 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:18:28

@BigMumma18 I still haven’t came on either currently on my longest ever cycle and I’ve been tracking them since 2017. Only time ive ever been this late is when pregnant unfortunately resulted in miscarriage and I have no children and defo want them so the thought of meno scares the shit out of me ! I haven’t taken a test since Tuesday which was negative and was probably my 9th one ! I’m going to also talk to my GP next week

I’m sure if we were pregnant we would be showing strong positives by now as we are both really late ?!

ihatethecold Sat 26-Dec-20 23:24:11

The map completely messed my cycle up.
Convinced myself I was pregnant. I wasn’t but I sent my dh for the snip.
I couldn’t cope with the stress.

Bex19999 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:26:12

@ihatethecold how late were you ?

BigMumma18 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:26:17

@Bex19999 Aww bless you, I'm so sorry you've had to go through having a miscarriage.... I'm sure it's not the menopause, I think that would be a huge coincidence straight after the MAP!

I was going to get the implant soon so was going to book that in but they need to make sure I'm not pregnant beforehand. I explained what is going on and the doctor was convinced I would be having positive results this far along... although google searches aren't helping me much! I've read stories where some haven't had positive results until about 11 weeks

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BigMumma18 Sat 26-Dec-20 23:30:42

@ihatethecold I know I can't go through this stress again, my partner won't get the snip! Which would solve a lot, I've had a lot of problems with contraceptives in the past. So doctor suggested I try the implant as haven't before.

How late were you after MAP?

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evenBetter Sat 26-Dec-20 23:54:28

If your boyfriend won’t have a vasectomy, his choices are, obviously, -celibacy -condoms + spermicide +withdrawal, yes really, yes, every time. If you don’t want to breed even more, he shouldn’t really be ejaculating in you anyway, it has no benefit except to himself.

BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 05:55:50

@evenBetter I agree, we do use condoms anyway but we've had a few accidents with them, that's why I've had to take plan B so need a back up contraception or him to have the snip.

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juneybean Sun 27-Dec-20 06:08:57

I could be wrong but does the MAP not interfere with ovulation so no ovulation no period? Might take another cycle for your body to get back to normal? Be tempted to try another brand of pregnancy test though.

SpiderinaWingMirror Sun 27-Dec-20 06:36:23

The chances of 3 false negative tests is tiny over such a period of time.

ihatethecold Sun 27-Dec-20 07:19:38

I don’t remember how late I was but I think I missed a cycle.
I was also peri menopausal but didn’t realise at the time (early 40’s)

My dh had the snip because our family was complete (youngest was 14) and we really did not want any accidental babies.

Bex19999 Sun 27-Dec-20 10:41:34

@BigMumma18 hmmm would be a coincidence but I’ve taken it before and It has messed up my cycle but never by this much! I took it two months ago and I’m not sure if it can effect you for this long ?.

I think we both would be showing a positive if we were pregnant by now.. trouble is I’ve had sex quite a lot of times since I took the pill once as early as last weekend which obviously wouldn’t show up on a test yet.

My boobs are always so painful about 7-10 days before my period then stop just as it’s about to come. This happened about two weeks ago and i was sure it was coming but nothing. Also had cramps and twinges last weekend and thought this was it but again nothing.

Just worrying me now I want to bloody come on!

BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:07:59

@juneybean That's what I thought, but I've now missed 2! I completely missed one period and now 2 days late on my 2nd, it makes you wonder what it does to your body to be honest and don't think I would ever use again now. I may try a different brand although the ones I have were most accurate with my previous pregnancy.

@SpiderinaWingMirror that's what I was thinking so fingers crossed AF will come soon.

@ihatethecold was thinking I may miss one but getting concerned now I've missed too, also think my partner having the snip would be the best solution all round. I'm overweight and really struggle with losing it, I've finally got myself into a routine of losing 1-2 lbs a week healthily and terrified the implant will halt that progress. On the depo injection I piled on 3 stone in 3 months! So had to come off it.

@Bex19999 same here! Sounds so similar to me. Missing 2 periods does seem extreme, definitely talking to my doctor tomorrow morning. I've had a few sharp pains and had symptoms of ovulation this month so fingers crossed it's just a little later than usual this month. Really hope we both come on soon!

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ghostmouse Sun 27-Dec-20 11:09:27

I was pregnant as the map never worked

BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:11:51

Also we haven't had sex since taking the morning after pill as so worried about going through all this again so waiting until I've another form of contraception as a back up to condoms

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BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:13:03

@ghostmouse how and when did you find out you were pregnant?

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Bex19999 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:20:53

@BigMumma18 seen as you haven’t had sex since taking it I reallyyyy doubt you are pregnant as you would be like 8 weeks?? I am pretty
Sure I’m not pregnant from the incident I took the MAP but worried I am from one of the other times We had sex. This is a causal partner and not
Someone I would want a baby with. We did use contraception but you just never know. As tmrow is a bank hol can’t even call GP till Tuesday but I think they will just say it’s the MAP and to wait. I’m now focusing on every sign and symptom and checking every time I go to the toilet !! Ahhh

Bex19999 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:25:31

Also I don’t think I had a bleed after taking Ella
One and I do remember it making my period really really late but not as late as two missed but I always have a bleed after taking levonelle .. 7 days after which happened this time as well just nothing since.

BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:39:45

@Bex19999 That's what I'm thinking but can't relax until I come on! As you can imagine 8 weeks would be bad so hopefully I'm not and my past pregnancy I had very strong positives from before I missed my period so I guess that makes it even more unlikely 🤞

Oh nooooo, I forgot about it being a bank holiday tomorrow! Oh no, me too, it's awful and I think stressing about it is probably delaying it even more... Respect to all the men out there who get the snip so women don't have to go through all this!

Ok great, that gives me more hope! I am having a few niggling pains in my right side and a backache so hopefully that signs AF is coming... I guess if tests are saying negative then we are ok...

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Bex19999 Sun 27-Dec-20 11:57:59

@BigMumma18 I think at 8 weeks you’d show positive so I think you are okay but yeah you won’t feel relaxed till you come on.

It’s worse cos this guy isn’t my partner and I did tell him last weekend when I saw him I was worrying etc told him I’d done loads of tests but we haven’t spoke much since ( that’s another story lol) but I don’t really want to tell him I still haven’t came on and I’m worried.

Yeah worrying etc defo makes it a lot worse but I can’t help but worry . Tbh I don’t think im pregnant so now I’m worrying it’s something wrong with me .

I wouldn’t take Ella one again it’s bloody £35 for one levonelle is £17 if you get the generic brand but with Ella I has really bad side effects .

PurBal Sun 27-Dec-20 12:08:17

Have you taken a regular pregnancy test as opposed to first response? Depending on when you took the tests could the hook effect be a possibility?

Bex19999 Sun 27-Dec-20 12:18:11

@PurBal what is the hook effect ? I’m also in the same situation and I’ve taken first response clear blue digi and cheap £1 brands

BigMumma18 Sun 27-Dec-20 12:21:40

@Bex19999 that's what I thought and the doctor has agreed! If I still haven't come on when I have my implant done I think they will do blood tests just to confirm I'm not first... the thing is I don't want to wait another month and be even further along if you know what I mean.

Oh no, doesn't sound good... I've got a very understanding partner but i haven't told him I'm a little worried either. He knows I've had negative test results so that's enough for him. We've agreed we can't go through this everytime we have an accident!

Yes! I know what you mean, I'm thinking the same, if not worrying about one thing, worrying about another. The doctor says it is really unusual to miss a period just it be late and now I've missed 2!

@PurBal no I haven't yet but I will try and pick one up today, thank you 🙂

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