Being asked if I've just got out of bed.

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LynetteScavo Mon 21-Dec-20 13:04:23

FIL phoned this morning on the landline to ask for an address.

I had just started a zoom call (a tutoring session for DD but tutor had asked me to be present) and explained I couldn't access the address for an hour because it's stored on my phone which we were using for the zoom call. FIL then said he would bring the card round to me and I could address it myself, which I agreed to and rushed back to the zoom call. 20 minutes later FIL rang the doorbell handed me a card, pointed out that it was already stamped and I just needed to address and post it for him. He then asked if I'd just got out of bed. I replied; "No, we're just in the middle of a tutoring session."

I was dressed had showered, brushed my hair, put on minimal makeup and been up for several hours.
Its irritated me and I'm trying to gauge how rude he was.

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giletrouge Mon 21-Dec-20 13:08:51

Yeah that would annoy me, too. It's a comment on how you look - and not an approving one.
I'd probably say something similar back at another time - head tilt - you look a bit tired and dishevelled FIL, is everything ok? Hmm?

Xerochrysum Mon 21-Dec-20 13:09:47

I'm sure he means nothing, maybe you rushing around made that impression? You can just explain to him what happened when you have time.
I think the stress of this whole things making everyone over the edge. Just laugh it off.

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