Instagram friend request for flirting/dating? Is this a thing?

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Bluebaubles Mon 21-Dec-20 09:15:05

I just had a friend request from someone I didn’t recognise. Accepted it just out of curiosity.
The guy immediately asks if I’m single, kids etc?
He has 1700 women who he follows, ordinary women. No actors, sports stars, movies, etc.

So firstly, how on earth did he pick on me? He’s in France, I have no photos of myself, how would he even get to see my profile?
And secondly, is this an internet dating scene?do people find people through random Instagram hookups

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YorkieTheRabbit Mon 21-Dec-20 10:03:00

I’ve had various follow requests on IG from men I don’t know, no idea why. My account is private and my profile picture is a rose. I assume they’re just casting a net to see who they can catch. I had one not long ago, the pictures were of a really good looking bloke, supposedly a surgeon, working for NATO fgrin I’ve had others that are in the American military fgrin all get refused
I think there are loads out to try and make money from lonely women and they need to hunt through plenty of accounts to find them.

Sn0tnose Mon 21-Dec-20 10:05:15

I’m a bit surprised that anyone would accept requests from people they don’t know. At best, he’s either going to try and scam you or convince you to send him intimate photographs. Possibly both.

And if he’s in France then I’m lodging with Father Christmas at the North Pole.

Bluebaubles Mon 21-Dec-20 10:51:29

Easily deleted Sn0tnose

I don’t really doubt he’s French
French name, French language, all the women are French too, which makes it stranger that he found me?
My interest was piqued because I just followed a French actor and thought maybe he was a fan, thought maybe that was the connection, but that wouldn’t mean he could see me?
He has a military pic too!

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Sn0tnose Mon 21-Dec-20 11:11:03

Ooh, please let it be the Foreign Legion grin

Plump82 Mon 21-Dec-20 11:32:02

Majority of these accounts are spambots.

MedusasBadHairDay Mon 21-Dec-20 11:33:45

I get loads of these on my entirely private locked down instagram account, weirdly I get them a lot less often on my public one.


Seatime Mon 21-Dec-20 11:43:46

It is a dating thing now, it's called sliding into your DMs, direct messages. It's a free for all, for creeps from what l've heard.

WorraLiberty Mon 21-Dec-20 11:45:25

Probably a BOT

CaptainMyCaptain Mon 21-Dec-20 11:49:17

I get this from men with one photo on their profile, often leaning against a car. I can't imagine why as I am in my 60s and all my posts are about sewing, Knitting or dogs. I assume their intentions are nefarious and just block them immediately.

Bluebaubles Mon 21-Dec-20 14:47:29

If it’s a bot, again why? What for?

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MedusasBadHairDay Mon 21-Dec-20 15:08:24


If it’s a bot, again why? What for?

If assume it's scammers, they can send out hundreds of automated messages, then if anyone falls for them and replies they can start trying to work on them for money.

Of course some will just be your usual perverts just looking to send dick pics.

Either way, never worth reading/replying.

Mollypolly2610 Mon 21-Dec-20 18:17:04

I’ve a closed account and I’m 65 next week and I’ve had 9 requests to follow from men this week!!

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