Mince pie for breakfast

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Browneyedgirl20 Mon 21-Dec-20 09:03:10

Just that really. Highly recommended grin

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nosswith Mon 21-Dec-20 09:30:04

Just no.

Drivingho Mon 21-Dec-20 09:32:45

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...
they are very versatile

MrsPernicious Mon 21-Dec-20 09:34:14

Good idea, on it.
Thank you

Browneyedgirl20 Mon 21-Dec-20 09:49:46


Good idea, on it.
Thank you

Glad to be of service smile

Seriously though, if not now then when?

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MinnieMountain Mon 21-Dec-20 09:51:48

Dammit. I’ve had breakfast. Tomorrow then.

OhToBeASeahorse Mon 21-Dec-20 09:52:02

When I was a child my mum would let us have whatever we wanted for breakfast between xmas and NY. Happy breakfast memories of several from a Fox's collection, a mince pie etc etc...


TheSilentStars Mon 21-Dec-20 09:53:31

I just had a slice of panettone that could really be called "a third of a whole Panettone" if we want to be pedantic.
It's Christmas, it's Monday, and Boris is in charge. We are justified eating whatever we want if it gets us through.

Eckhart Mon 21-Dec-20 09:55:13


Dammit. I’ve had breakfast. Tomorrow then.

You can have more than one breakfast in a day, and you can also have a delightful, oft neglected thing, 'breakfast dessert'.

Hardbackwriter Mon 21-Dec-20 09:55:17

I think that's a terribly unhealthy breakfast. I start my day with fruit at Christmas. I mean, it was half a chocolate orange...

Eckhart Mon 21-Dec-20 09:56:56


I think that's a terribly unhealthy breakfast. I start my day with fruit at Christmas. I mean, it was half a chocolate orange...

That's twice as healthy as eating a whole one.

Saisong Mon 21-Dec-20 09:57:29

I had a chocolate covered Lebkeuchen - no regrets! It was the last one too, so extra delicious.

Browneyedgirl20 Mon 21-Dec-20 09:57:45

This thread is very cheering

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MedusasBadHairDay Mon 21-Dec-20 09:58:11

Oh now that's an idea...

Nitw1t Mon 21-Dec-20 09:59:09

Pastry gives me dreadful heartburn if I eat it in the evening.

So I have to eat my pies for breakfast, for the good of my health. grin

Good shout OP

Caspianberg Mon 21-Dec-20 10:00:42


1)Take one mince pie
2) take the top of said pie
3) add squirty fake cream ontop
4) put lid back on
5) eat

Your welcome

FlibbertyGiblets Mon 21-Dec-20 10:01:21


MrsLebowski Mon 21-Dec-20 10:03:17

Have sent DH to Tesco for some of their Spiced Apple and Clementine pies which will be my brunch if he makes it back.

Jocasta2018 Mon 21-Dec-20 10:03:43

Just had some shortbread made for me by a friend. It's really really sweet so now I've taste tested, I'm going to bin the rest... The last lot they baked weren't as sweet.
I did eat an entire box of amaretti last night, just because they were there. They didn't taste too sweet which was a relief!
I also ate a bit of panettone but I really didn't enjoy the it which is weird for me as I usually love it! Oh well - I've got until Feb 2021 to eat it so will pop it into a air tight container & try again next year.
Still got Stollen, panforte, homemade fruit cake (can't be arsed to ice it - lasts much longer this way) & lots of mince pies.
I'm trying to ensure I have a decent healthy lunch then eat crap later on but gave into temptation this morning with the shortbread & now feel sick 🤮!

PoptartPoptart Mon 21-Dec-20 10:04:47

I just had a handful of Brussel sprouts for breakfast. The wrapped chocolate variety.

toomuchfaster Mon 21-Dec-20 10:07:34

Second breakfast is de rigour in this house! Although, surprisingly, it was an apple this morning! Mince pie for breakfast was a bad idea on a school morning last week, though. It took ages to get ready and I felt sorry for the teacher as I pushed DD through the door!

BoogieFeet Mon 21-Dec-20 10:07:37

Hope you warmed the mince pie first and then liberally applied extra thick double cream ... nom nom nom

Nomnomarrgh Mon 21-Dec-20 10:07:55

Never in a million years. Makes me think of green eggs and ham, for some reason, but without the happy ending.

ThatIsNotMyUsername Mon 21-Dec-20 10:08:03

With cream or custard?

BlackboardMonitorVimes Mon 21-Dec-20 10:09:06

Traditional Christmas breakfast for me. Homemade ones in hot milk... it's not too far removed from cereal/porridge.

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