Dh ate undercooked pies

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timeforanewstart Mon 21-Dec-20 00:48:47

Posted on chat as no response on health . So i cooked a couple frozen pies for dh in oven 25-30 mins and top of pie starting to burn so I took out and put on plate , they were a little hard to get out foil as had stuck a little and felt warm whilst I removed and could see some steam
Anyway after eating them dh said they were only luke warm in the middle ( why he ate them and didn't put back in the oven I Don't know )
My fault for not checking as well but felt hot and were in long enough and i was cooking other foods that were fine.
So what kind if food poisoning is he likely to get
I am annoyed at him for eating them as well as could easily of gone back in oven or microwave as pies were a bit bashed where they were tricky getting out of the foil.
How long does food poisoning normally begin and what kind of bacteria can you get from pies
What should we look out for ?

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katy1213 Mon 21-Dec-20 00:51:44

He's not likely to get any food poisoning at all.

WorraLiberty Mon 21-Dec-20 00:52:19

He'll probably be fine to be honest. If anything perhaps a very mild case of the shits.

If it was anything serious he would probably have been sick an hour or so after.

Hangingover Mon 21-Dec-20 00:52:46

He'll be fine

EugenesAxe Mon 21-Dec-20 00:54:30

Shop bought pies are pre-cooked so he might get lucky - he won't have eaten raw meat or anything.

timeforanewstart Mon 21-Dec-20 00:59:50

The pastry was def not pre cooked but i guess the meat inside prob was
Still baffled why he ate them even chucking in the microwave would of been better
Also can't believe they were not cooked after 30 mins in the oven and the top nearly being burnt , guess i need to check oven os working ok

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