If you like Patricia Cornwell, Jeffrey Deaver

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gurglebelly Sun 20-Dec-20 23:14:45

Kathy Reichs, Tess Gerritsen, Lisa Gardner etc which other authors would you recommend? I have two weeks off now and nothing to do so need some books to download.... I love a crime drama but do prefer American series (no idea why, just do).

Any recommendations gratefully received. Thanks x

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Aquamarine1029 Sun 20-Dec-20 23:18:12

Harlan Coben

Lexilooo Sun 20-Dec-20 23:27:28

Harlan Coben or Karin Slaughter

feelingverylazytoday Sun 20-Dec-20 23:36:37

Lawrence Block (the Matthew Scudder series), James Lee Burke, Sue Grafton, Michael Connolly, Val Mcdermid are all very good.

SabrinaThwaite Mon 21-Dec-20 00:35:35

The Michael Connelly and James Lee Burke books will keep you going for a good while.

The Robert Crais novels featuring Elvis Cole.

A bit older but the Ed McBain 57th Precinct novels are excellent.

Puppermint Mon 21-Dec-20 06:35:14

Take a look at the Robert Hunter series by Chris Carter. I used to be a big Patricia Cornwell fan back in the day and these felt like her early works. Really gripping, heart racing stories that kept me up way later than I should have been.

I’ve not read any of hers for years though as I thought they went downhill and felt almost manufactured.

DrDavidBanner Mon 21-Dec-20 07:34:16

Minette Walters

Mark Billingham

Peter James


Glittertwins Mon 21-Dec-20 07:43:17

I liked Kate Rhodes' Alice Quentin series.
Have you tried James Patterson and Alex Cross?
I have all the Scarpetta series and the Rizzoli series too as well as most of Val McDermid's
Shame Scarpetta went a bit weird in the later books and wish Tess Gerritson would have a new Rizzoli book out. I'll be following other suggestions here too.

Waspie Mon 21-Dec-20 07:50:55

Melinda Leigh
Karin Slaughter
Lee Child
CJ Box
Michael Connelly

(I know Lee Child isn't American but the Reacher books are set there).

UK authors to try:
Val McDermid
Ian Rankin
Peter Robinson
Robert Galbraith

and, as pp says, Mark Billingham's Tom Thorne novels.

Scandi - Jo Nesbo, Camilla Lackberg, Jussi Adler-Olsen

Thebookswereherfriends Mon 21-Dec-20 08:06:48

M.J Arlidge has a great series about a female D.I catching serial killers.

3rdNamechange Mon 21-Dec-20 08:54:51

Jeffrey Deaver , the Lincoln Rhyme series. Also Patricia Cornwell , the earlier books.

DidgeDoolittle Mon 21-Dec-20 09:06:06

Denise Mina are good.

WeeDangerousSpike Mon 21-Dec-20 09:07:41

Karin slaughter, harlen coben, val mcdermid,

WeeDangerousSpike Mon 21-Dec-20 09:09:00

Oh, and J d robb - bit futuristic and quite a lot of sex (which I sometimes skip over as it's sometimes a bit over the top)

3rdNamechange Mon 21-Dec-20 09:10:53


Jeffrey Deaver , the Lincoln Rhyme series. Also Patricia Cornwell , the earlier books.

Sorry , just realised these are in your title 🙄

Yellowcar2 Mon 21-Dec-20 09:11:41

I'm a fan of James Patterson. A bit off subject but I also really like Jeffery Archer.

mynameiscalypso Mon 21-Dec-20 09:14:27

Michael Connolly is the best I think. I quite like Karin Slaughter but feel there's quite a lot of gratuitous violence especially in the early books. The Nicci French ones are good too . Looking at my shelves, I also quite like the Lisa Gardener books with DD Warren as the detective. If you haven't read the Sue Grafton alphabet series, might be worth checking out.

gurglebelly Mon 21-Dec-20 09:14:35

Thanks everyone, some great suggestions here which should keep me going 😃

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Veterinari Mon 21-Dec-20 09:14:55

The Stillhouse lake series by Rachel Caine

Lee Child - Reacher
Linwood Barclay
Harlan Coben - prefer the non-Myron Bolitaire books

Not American but great: the Logan Macrae series by Stuart Macbride
Peter May

Waspie Mon 21-Dec-20 09:31:32

@Thebookswereherfriends I really enjoyed those books. I noticed the other day whilst watching a TV series that it was co-written by MJ Arlidge. I hadn't realised he wrote screenplays as well as novels but I guess it makes sense.

I've just ordered the first Roy Grace novel on the recommendations of pp.

I've got 3 Michael Connelly Harry Bosch novels on my kindle to read - I've been saving them for the Christmas break as a treat grin The series "Bosch" on Amazon prime is very good too.

EurosprogBauble Mon 21-Dec-20 09:48:26

Jonothan Kellerman is very good.

Madvixen Mon 21-Dec-20 09:56:11

Quintin Jardine's Skinner series
R D Brady The Belial series

DoingTheBestICan Mon 21-Dec-20 10:20:12

Karen Rose, they are a Mother/Daughter team and the books are very good.
James Patterson - The Murder Club series, again good reading and you can easily finish a book in an evening.
Val McDermid, excellent reading.

AnnieRich Mon 21-Dec-20 10:53:04

Laura Lippman is an excellent American crime writer. She writes the Tess Monaghan PI series as well as stand- alones.

Onesmallstepforaman Mon 21-Dec-20 10:58:24

Richard montanari. Graphic, but very good.

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