How to make a 5th Birthday special in lockdown?

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Florencenotflo Sun 20-Dec-20 20:45:14

Dd is 5 just after Christmas. We've just entered tier 4 and I doubt very much that it will be lifted by her birthday to allow us to do much.

Birthdays are usually very family orientated, birthday tea party with all our family or a meal out. Maybe a day out with all the cousins to soft play or swimming. Nothing fancy but involves everyone we can't meet up with.

How have you made your dc's birthdays special during lockdown? Preferably stuff that doesn't cost too much if possible!

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EcoCustard Sun 20-Dec-20 21:53:33

Dd was 5 during the November lockdown. I was organised with her presents as I presumed there would be some sort of lockdown on the horizon. We got balloons from Morrison’s. A parent from school made her a wow cake. When she got home from school we had a little party with her siblings. Mini musical chairs, pin the tail, nothing fancy. I made her favourite dinner of choice then her favourite film.

Florencenotflo Sun 20-Dec-20 22:02:40

Thanks @EcoCustard

I think I have bought too much for Christmas so usually keep a few things back. She hasn't asked for much but I will definitely get on top of the presents.

I'm making her cake so that's fine. I love the idea of having a little party anyway with party games. I might go old school and do jelly and ice cream grin

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Guineapigbridge Mon 21-Dec-20 00:36:05

Let her choose her favourite food

Xmasdinnervwpolo Mon 21-Dec-20 00:38:57

My DS2 was five in May. I felt really bad because we had a big day out (cinema, bowling and pizza) for DS1 birthday just before covid hit. We spent the money we would have spent on the day out along with what we would spend on presents and bought him an Nintendo. I wouldn't usually, but I just thought 'fuck it'

Kab30 Mon 21-Dec-20 00:45:17

I'm in exactly the same predicament for my lo ..he will be 5 in Jan? Xxx

grassisjeweled Mon 21-Dec-20 00:52:34

DS turns 7 on the 26th December. We'll have a small party at home for him, cake, ballons etc then I think on the 28/29th when folks are available we'll have a party in the park with his friends. I'm gonna take some food /drinks etc for everyone. Tough due to restrictions.


PomBearWithoutHerOFRS Mon 21-Dec-20 00:53:31

Could you do a sort of treasure hunt with her presents?
Face time or phone a different family member to give her each clue, so she can dash round the house finding things.

Florencenotflo Tue 22-Dec-20 23:45:23

I love that idea @PomBearWithoutHerOFRS depending on the restrictions and the weather we might be able to give each family member a clue and they could meet us in various places. That's really got me thinking now!

We have already said to her that it would be better to wait until the weather is nicer to do something with her friends, she seemed ok with that.

Her actual birthday is a school day so dh suggested a movie night after school which she will love and then camping in the living room overnight.

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