Is dd8 likes The Naughtiest Unicorn books what else might she like?

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Juk3 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:36:25

She likes the Isldora Moon series but they are a little to easy. She has the 8 book boxset of Worst Witch for Christmas but would like to get another boxset of books as she seems to read at least one chapter book a week. She has struggled with reading previously but in the last few months has come on leaps and bounds thanks to Reading Egg app.

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Juk3 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:37:49

She isn't keen on Rainbow Magic she finds them a bit boring, we have quite a lot of those from her elder sister.

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Crockof Sun 20-Dec-20 19:43:58

Dilly the dinosaur (about a family of dinosaurs and a very naughty Dilly) and My naughty little sister.

Ridingthegravytrain Sun 20-Dec-20 19:47:34

Mine love the undead pets series

butterry Sun 20-Dec-20 19:56:27

My daughter is younger but she likes Gwyneth Rees, she has chapter books series about fairies, cats, mermaids. She also enjoyed Hotel Flamingo and the Sophie Kinsella books - Mummy & Me etc

ExplodingCarrots Sun 20-Dec-20 19:58:23

My DD loved the naughtiest unicorn ..but she's made a leap to the goosebumps series. Don't know if that would be too scary though.

TheFluffiestCat Sun 20-Dec-20 21:27:26

Has she tried Amelia Fang? They're a bit more challenging than Isadora.


Didiusfalco Sun 20-Dec-20 21:30:19

It’s only one book but Philippa Gregory’s The Princess Rules is great.

Would she like Mummy Fairy and Me do you think?

HeyMichaelmasTerm Sun 20-Dec-20 21:31:31

DD(8) is really enjoying an abbreviated Sherlock Holmes set

HeyMichaelmasTerm Sun 20-Dec-20 21:32:05

And agree on Amelia Fang

Juk3 Mon 21-Dec-20 14:08:41

Thank you, I have ordered an Amelia Fang set with 4 books to see if she likes them, My Naughty Little Sister set which was a bargain, a Holly Webb set of 8 books each book is a different short about a different animal and The Zoo Rescue series, that should keep her going for a few months. We have the Goosebumps series, Horrid Henry, Dork Diares, Barry Loser etc from her older brother but she has shown no interest in them yet. I found the Amelia Bebelia sets up in the loft along with several Animal Magic books which I know she will love thoes as she is animal mad.

How long do your year 4 8 year olds reading for per day? We are doing 30 minutes reading out loud to me after bath time wondering if I should be increasing this? As I said she previously really struggled with reading but the last 3 months or so has progressed massively and is more or less where she needs to be from a previous year 1 level at the start of the school year. We do her school book which she finds boring for 15 minutes in the morning in the car after senior school drop off.

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Juk3 Mon 21-Dec-20 14:18:45

I looked at Fairy Mummy and Me books but couldn't find a look inside online, what is the reading age on these would you say? It says 5-7years in some of the reviews people state their 4 year olds can read these unaided so wondering if they might be a bit easy.

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Scotinoz Mon 21-Dec-20 16:18:12

My eldest is 7, but a confident reader, and has enjoyed the Dotty Detective series, the Baby Aliens series (Pamela Butchart), Wigglesbottom Primary series (also by Pamela Butchart but for a younger audience - it’s set in a Yr2 class), Flat Stanley, My Naughty Little Sister, and Daisy and the Trouble With (insert all manner of topics since there’s a lot).

I wasn’t impressed with Mummy Fairy and Me...I don’t think either of my girls finished it

Scotinoz Mon 21-Dec-20 16:19:56

Oh, and I doubt 4 years are reading it unaided unless their parents like tall tales or the kids are ‘gifted’ 🙄

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