I’m scared I’m pregnant

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iemss Sun 20-Dec-20 18:31:48

I don’t really know why I’m posting this but I have no where to go.

I had intercourse on the 9th of July, I have the copper IUD. I have had periods since but they seem a little different but I did also take norethisterone around the same time. I have around 3 days of a very light period and around 3 of a normal heavy period. I haven’t really had any symptoms apart from sore breasts and pelvic pains. I have taken 6 tests all which were negative... would I know if I was pregnant by now? I am worrying so much.

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Palavah Sun 20-Dec-20 18:34:06

How long have you gad your IUD in? You don't sound pregnant based on what you've said, but the noristherone and/or the coil may be impac

iemss Sun 20-Dec-20 18:38:10

I got my coil in October 2018, I did take norethisterone in March and then again in July so maybe that’s something to do with it. I aren’t really sure.

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Olivetreekeeper Sun 20-Dec-20 18:48:34

Why are you concerned - as in, what makes you think you might be pregnant? Both the coil and norethisterone can mess up periods and make them weird heaviness/duration/sporadic.

Ohalrightthen Sun 20-Dec-20 18:51:45

When did you first take a pregnancy test? Have you had a baby before? You'd be over half way gone by now, unless you're overweight you'd have a small bump that would be relatively noticeable when naked, your abdomen would be hard, nipples dark, dark line on your stomach, and by this point you'd be likely to be feeling movement.

It would be incredibly rare to get to 5m pregnant without noticing.

iemss Sun 20-Dec-20 19:04:18

@Olivetreekeeper I worry so much and I was scared after that the coil hasn’t worked as that was the first time I’d been sexually active with it. I honestly just think it’s my anxiety getting the better of me and any (normal) pain or feeling I get I think It’s a pregnancy symptom. I definitely think it is due to taking northeristerone on two separate occasions so close together. Thank you for your reply smile

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Scr00gy Sun 20-Dec-20 19:06:31

I think by now you would be feeling movent and kicks?


iemss Sun 20-Dec-20 19:07:15

@Ohalrightthen I first took a pregnancy test around 21 days after even though I’d had my period before that. Then I took one after each cycle and I took the most recent one last week. I don’t have any of those symptoms apart from sometimes my nipples can get dark sometimes, but I think this is normal for me. I have being pregnant before and I had bad sickness and headaches, and mood swings which I don’t have now. Thank you for your reply smile

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Ohalrightthen Sun 20-Dec-20 19:10:28

Do you find yourself anxious a lot? Do you find it hard to control these spirals?

It seems to me like you're definitely not pregnant, but your anxiety seems really intense. Maybe you should think about speaking to your GP.

waitinggame108 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:20:55

From what you've said I don't think it's possible your pregnant.
Tests are very very accurate and you have been bleeding, your on contraception, and have no concrete pregnancy symptoms.

Do you want to be pregnant? Do you suffer from anxiety?

Maybe going forward use condoms as-well for extra piece of mind.

ChristmasUserName2020 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:24:26

Could you lay for a private scan? I doubt you’d get an NHS one.

ChristmasUserName2020 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:24:36


Nymeriastark1 Sun 20-Dec-20 19:31:40

I would imagine you would know by now. You'd be showing, feeling some movements, sickness, leaking sore breast... at least 1 or 2 symptoms. I know you hear stories of women who didn't know until they gave birth. It's rare and I really can't get my head round how they don't know. I very much doubt you're pregnant.

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