What’s your “ How did this crap get published?!” book?

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MrsGrindah Sun 20-Dec-20 15:37:27

Just finished The Pretenders by Agatha Zaza. Gosh it was dreadful.Cannot understand how drivel like that gets a publishing deal. There was a scene where, in the middle of a “ dramatic” moment, one of the side characters crosses the room to his wife and “ took hold of the corner of her blouse” . What?! Who does that?! I can’t even picture it.

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BringMeTea Sun 20-Dec-20 15:39:23

Anything by Sophie Kinsella.

x2boys Sun 20-Dec-20 15:39:55

50 shades of grey ,I couldn't finish it ,it was so dire

VicMackey Sun 20-Dec-20 15:40:57


50 shades of grey ,I couldn't finish it ,it was so dire

Yes has to be hands down

grapewine Sun 20-Dec-20 15:41:11

Labyrinth by Kate Mosse.

grapewine Sun 20-Dec-20 15:42:08

And yes, 50 Shades, Twilight, etc

OldAndWornOut Sun 20-Dec-20 15:42:38

50 shades for me.
Very underwhelming.


MrsGrindah Sun 20-Dec-20 15:42:47

Oh I’ve never tried Kate Moses but was tempted. Maybe I’ll give it a miss.

NB I do not know how you’ve all managed to type a response whilst holding on to the corner of your blouse!

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DoctorYang Sun 20-Dec-20 15:43:54


Not "The Cows" by Dawn O Porter, I quite liked that.

Cows however, is disgusting and vile for no reason.

SherlocksDeerstalker Sun 20-Dec-20 15:44:10

Any of the books by the fabulous Giovanna Fletcher. She is SO lovely but jeepers the woman writes unreadable drivel! (Soz, Gi)

Fluffyandsilly Sun 20-Dec-20 15:44:44

The Alchemist. Ugh.

HollowTalk Sun 20-Dec-20 15:44:45

BA Paris - the one about domestic violence. My eyes almost rolled right out of my head.

Just read Adele Parks' new book (can't remember the title) and the same was happening there.

Both got to number one - no idea how.

grapewine Sun 20-Dec-20 15:45:05

Oh I’ve never tried Kate Moses but was tempted. Maybe I’ll give it a miss.

It's been a while, but as I recall it, it was repetitive and uninteresting. And I expected so much because reviews were great.

VicMackey Sun 20-Dec-20 15:45:16

I started reading some shit by James Patterson & one of his co authors it was so full of mistakes like they’d forgotten what happened two chapters ago. Lazy and annoyed me so much it was years ago and I can’t forget it but have forgotten name of book

DoctorYang Sun 20-Dec-20 15:46:46

This is the Cows book - www.amazon.co.uk/Cows-Mr-Matthew-Stokoe/dp/0987453661/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&crid=35ETD6NV9SNCO&keywords=matthew+stokoe&sprefix=matthew+st%2Caps%2C191&tag=mumsnetforu03-21&qid=1608479139&sr=8-1

ThorFull Sun 20-Dec-20 15:48:39

Most of Wilbur smiths books. Always starts off with description of leading lady’s body.

EmmanuelleMakro Sun 20-Dec-20 15:48:51

Anything by Stephen Fry. Amanda Holden’s biography (found in a b&b -wouldn’t buy!😀)
‘How late it was, how late’ and similar sh*te

Pickypolly Sun 20-Dec-20 15:48:56

Yes to 50 shades, utter shite, I got to 3 rd chapter and refused to waste any more of my time on it.
Also Jackie Collins and the like, time eating shit.
I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to books though.

VicMackey Sun 20-Dec-20 15:51:38


Most of Wilbur smiths books. Always starts off with description of leading lady’s body.

He’s a ‘big game Hunter’ too

Thelnebriati Sun 20-Dec-20 15:54:08

The Power by Naomi Alderman.

MrsTerryPratchett Sun 20-Dec-20 15:57:01

Stranger in a Strange Land. What a load of sexist bollocks.

And The Slap.

Both so popular and both so shite.

ivykaty44 Sun 20-Dec-20 15:58:23

Blood orange
Sadly since the 90s when supermarkets started selling books the quantity has risen and quality lowered

pinkbalconyrailing Sun 20-Dec-20 15:59:16

the english patient - and why they made a movie out of it is beyond me

Scumble Sun 20-Dec-20 15:59:20

Trying to get through the Krays one which was recommended on MN during Lockdown 1.0. It's so badly written - 'this happened, and then this happened, and then this happened', name after name thrown about, and more run on sentences than a Grammarly advert.

goose1964 Sun 20-Dec-20 15:59:42

The great Gatsby, God was that bad.

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