Best Christmas song is The Power of Love (Frankie)

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Justiceisblind Sun 20-Dec-20 14:02:35


- they sing about what love actually feels like (including what parental love feels like)


- we all sat frozen to our lumpy sofas in 1984 during top of the pops waiting anticipating a two-headed baby appearing because this was Frankie Goes to Hollywood - but instead they gave us a straight-down-the-line nativity play and it was much sweeter because it was from them

- it's just great

hopefully you all agree?

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IdaArnold Sun 20-Dec-20 14:14:17

100% agree.

nosswith Sun 20-Dec-20 14:16:30

I get where you are coming from but for me the best Christmas song (as opposed to hymn sung in church) is Fairytale of New York.

dontlikebeards Sun 20-Dec-20 14:19:24

I spend every Christmas trying to choose between Frankie and The Pogues. Nothing else touches these.

Justiceisblind Sun 20-Dec-20 14:21:34

I hear you Noss. Something eternal in that middle section.
I arranged and performed it last year in a church which was lovely. So it just needs a couple of fallow years in my brain

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Ereshkigalangcleg Sun 20-Dec-20 14:23:48

Yes, this is my favourite Christmas song.

RenegadeMrs Sun 20-Dec-20 14:26:46

Its a fantastic song. OH wants it as our first dance song when we finally get married. However I wouldn't call it the best Christmas song ever as its only a Christmas song by association. There isn't anything explicitly christmassy in it.


OrigamiOwl Sun 20-Dec-20 14:27:36

Noooooo! It's not even Christmasy! The song has no reference to Christmas, they just stuck a nativity scene on the cover.

grafittiartist Sun 20-Dec-20 14:29:58

After Mariah-yep I agree.
Beautiful song!

Chickenwing Sun 20-Dec-20 14:31:46

Merry Xmas Everybody by Slade is my favourite.

DrDavidBanner Sun 20-Dec-20 14:34:55

It always brings a tear to my eye. Its such a powerful song and yes its about love in it's purest form.

JessCat75 Sun 20-Dec-20 14:37:38

I love that song but also Queen, Thank God It's Christmas and The Pogues of course

TragedyHands Sun 20-Dec-20 14:37:59

Dear God, no. It's so miserable and crap.

Figgygal Sun 20-Dec-20 14:39:06

It’s one of my favourite songs generally I listen to it all year round

When he says “I’m so in love with you, purge the soul” I fucking believe it with every ounce of my being - the delivery of that line is sublime

beebbeep Sun 20-Dec-20 14:39:44

1 :all I want for Christmas is you
2 :merry Christmas everyone

Countdowntonothing Sun 20-Dec-20 14:47:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AliceMadHatter Sun 20-Dec-20 14:49:00

Love it.

TildaTurnip Sun 20-Dec-20 14:50:00

It’s the song most skipped in our house. Great sentiment but so drearily delivered.

Butterbeeeen Sun 20-Dec-20 14:52:26

You couldn't be more wrong OP. Mariah will always be the best Xmas song and I won't allow anyone to convince me otherwise

peakygal Sun 20-Dec-20 14:55:11

1000000% agree 😂

Biglumpycustard Sun 20-Dec-20 14:57:31

Merry Christmas everyone & last Christmas

Tweacle Sun 20-Dec-20 15:00:39

I love it. But I would as it's our song so to speak. Met at xmas had our first snog to it. Had it at our Xmas wedding as first dance song too x

Justiceisblind Sun 20-Dec-20 15:03:49

i believe it too figgy x

we didn't think he knew what love was.

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Justiceisblind Sun 20-Dec-20 15:04:18

"I do love Dominic the donkey and never do a tango with an eskimo too."

ah, what wonders await me.....

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StormBaby Sun 20-Dec-20 15:05:20

It’s probably one of my favourite songs of all time, not just Christmas. It’s beautiful

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