Anyone know what this graffiti is?

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itsoffical Sun 20-Dec-20 11:50:27

I've seen this egg shaped graffiti on my local motorway(about 50 miles from London), then driving through South London for work the other day I saw it again.

Anyone know what it is/means?
Or is it just a coincidence?

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Countdowntonothing Sun 20-Dec-20 11:51:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TheLadyOfShallnott Sun 20-Dec-20 11:55:39

Linky. If I’ve done it right 🍳

Lonelycrab Sun 20-Dec-20 11:59:30

Just a very prolific tagger. I see these on the way into London from Hampshire, along the train route. I think he/she goes by the name “I love eggs”

There’s a few like this that you see everywhere. The oker one with the difference faces, 10 foot seems to be everywhere too. Then there’s the one you get on bridges, helch.

Don’t mind a good proper bit of graf but tagging is just a bit shit.

xmasfairybuns Sun 20-Dec-20 12:02:14

The teens I work with have started using eggy this week, I haven't yet worked out what it means

pursuedbyablackdog Sun 20-Dec-20 12:10:45

Eggselent grin

xmasfairybuns Sun 20-Dec-20 13:05:46

Apparently it's if somebody is being a bit of an idiot.


Will0wtree Sun 20-Dec-20 14:42:27

Slightly off the egg topic, but on a wall that you can see on the train into London from Kent someone's painted in giant letters

It was there long before Covid, so not a comment on that. But it makes me smile to think of all the commuters, (including myself) who see it and wistfully think, "Could I...?"

itsoffical Sun 20-Dec-20 19:31:02

Thanks guys, I was wondering if I was missing some really big cultural thing, but obviously not daffodilsmile

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taleforthetimebeing Sun 20-Dec-20 19:43:00

I know a bit off topic but have you seen this video of a guy who covers racist graffiti with graffiti of food

BatonRouge Sun 20-Dec-20 20:37:09

When I read the thread title I knew this would be referring to eggy egg. I rate it, yes its prolific but give me a smile. Its on vans, bus stops, bridges, you name it!

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